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For sale: Freewheelers Hobo Joint work shirt in brown chambray size 15 equals US Small price excluding shipping!
want to buy this jacket in good condition; size Small; does not matter if Olive or Black color
Any shops doing a sale on andersen andersen non zip sweaters?
No need for introductions; I'm selling my Mister Freedom N-1.H deck jacket. It's the second edition with the favorable troy lining. Jacket has been worn but is still in great condition. There's some visible wear on the clips but nothing out of the ordinary. Jacket is a size 36 and fits TTS. shipping not included
description from Mister Freedom website Our Sailor had these two shirts custom made for his time off duty. As his usual blue utility chambray was assigned to hard work aboard the ship, he combined his favorite pattern (MFSC 645) with more ‘civilian’ fabrics picked up at the “MFSC Naval Supply Research” to wear on shore. These shirts were custom made for him, as “Experimental Garments”. FABRIC: • MFSC original end-on-end 100% cotton selvedge “chambray”. • 645n: Indigo...
from the Mister Freedom website PATTERN: Original MFSC pattern. Slim fit. FABRIC: NOS all cotton slubby chambray and one NOS stripe twill (i’ll spare you the color fancy naming game) Blue cotton selvedge Chambray, about 4.5 oz. FACING: NOS blue cotton popeline, selvedge (used for collar band, button placket and gussets) Designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom® in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co. * Two MF® original chest flap pocket pattern...
Freewheelers long sleeved shirt 1920~1930's CIVILIAN MILITARY STYLE SHIRT VINTAGE COTTON FLANNEL OLIVE SIZE 15 = US Small in perfect condition shipping costs depend on destination (I ship from Belgium)
I'm not the average person because I always feel cold (even when wearing a down jacket) Layered I'd say it can match autumn-winter temperatures just above freezing point
For sale from the Japanese brand Old Joe & Co: Blue cotton military style jacket in a 'sea blue' wash. Size 36 Wool (85%) and alpaca (15%) lining. Waldes zipper jacket is in perfect condition retail price was 58.000 yen more info and measurements on this page http://www.redcatsaloon.com/rcs/archives/33881 price is 250$ 225$ 205$ without shipping costs
Unique denim for sale: Warehouse 1001XX 15th anniversary edition; limited denim fabric; bullhorn patch and Levi's style arcs. No longer available anywhere! The denim has been worn for a couple of months but still has years ahead of it. Fading will become only more interesting from this point (see detail shots of denim). I am selling this only because I gained some pounds and don't fit comfortably in them anymore. my pain your gain tag size 28x34 (fit like 29) actual...
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