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-- Dimbleby posits possible Conservative Majority --
Running totals: Running Totals
First results from Labour heartlands show big swing to Tories.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara For those who don't have BBC, c-span 3 is showing the BBC's election coverage. Just called 307 for Tories, 255 Labour, 59 Lib Dems. But that's just the initial exit poll from about 120 polling locations. Yes, the 120 locations chosen on previous marginal seats. But the rise of the liberals this time won't have been taken into account when choosing these locations - so much uncertainty.
Not really known - we don't have a constitution. If no overall majority, Gordon Brown can govern until a vote of no confidence - and try to build a coalition with the Liberals, even if he doesn't have the most seats. More likely outcome is a Conservative minority administration - you can do a lot of governing in Britain without passing legislation - you can keep spending without a formal budget, for example. BBC Exit Poll: Tory 307 Lab 255 Lib 59 Lib...
Quote: How are the leaders whiling away these nervous hours? Well, according to the Press Association, Gordon and Sarah Brown had lamb stew for dinner before the prime minister went off for a nap at about 8.30pm. David Cameron, meanwhile, spent two hours chopping logs. Chopping logs? Cliche.
My prediction: Conservative 320 Labour 240 Lib 80 Have at it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat If the Eurozone was not created for economic reason, what good does it serve? Why would rich countries like Germany and France voluntarily elect themselves into this union? "The Common Market: We went into it to screw the French by splitting them off from the Germans. The French went in to protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition. The Germans went in to purge themselves of genocide...
Also some higher-quality stuff than I've seen from them in a while ('Diplomat' range). I'm thinking about the beige suede brogues at the bottom of the linked page. http://www.sanders-uk.com/categories/-Casual-11.php
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