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My experience of boots like the Snowdon is that, with thick socks, they're pretty warm. I've worn my Trickers Grasmere through snow on mountains for 8 hours at a time with no problem. And, the rugged leather isn't too bad with salt. They will take much more maintenance than the technical boots in the OP's picture, though.
+1 on Launer. Also Swaine Adeney. Now 150 quid, unfortunately.
Thanks everyone.
After I wear boat shoes for a whole day, without socks, I get a lot of itching under the tongue of the shoe. Does this happen to anyone else? Should I try a different brand, or do I have some kind of allergy?
Does anyone have experience with these? I'm looking at the brown full brogue and the chukka in particular. I haven't seen shoes at this price point from Sanders before.
5 miles in 44 minutes. God I'm slow.
Counties have some local democracy, but not as much as states, or as much as county-equivalents in some European countries.
Remember to avoid the corrected grain ones (shiny leather). A cheap shoe tree is fine. John Lewis do them, for example, as will your local Timpsons or other cobbler. You can buy loakes from loake's own website, if you know your size. It's easier to locate the higher-quality (1880) line there.
I've been thinking about these, but my eye keeps being drawn toward the rectangular stitching detail at either side of the top of the vamp. Don't like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leather man The soles are gorgeous but the uppers look no different to standard EG Berkleys - is it the photos or do you notice the extra finishing to the uppers? The samples at the EG shop in London look much finer in person than the non-top drawer shoes. Also, let's not assume the long wait has anything to do with demand. I'm pretty sure the long wait at at least some of these clothing companies has to do with...
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