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A lot of them have visitor centres. Scotland's a big place with slow roads and slow trains, so I'd wait until to get to a city and look for leaflets in the Tourist Information place...
Quote: Originally Posted by kraftar Here's a good thread that recently addressed alot of these issues: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=191044 As for EG, the 202 last is the widest. I have the Cardiff's, size 9F, in the 202 last (here's a picture of the Cardiff's but mine are in calf... http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/200...ew-new-mtos-2/) and I'm a 9G at C&J (the Draycott in a 9G fit me really well). C&J Canterbury, the...
Ede & Ravenscroft used to be 95 GBP per shirt.
Sell the iMac, hook the laptop up to a decent screen, keyboard and mouse, and you're good to go. Maintaining multiple computers is a hassle.
I resole them just as a hole starts to appear in the middle of the sole. By this point, about half of the stitches will be entirely worn through and broken (patch on left, patch on right, toe). Seems to work fine. Resoling after 25 wearings is nuts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint A- Oxford is far more durable than poplin or broadcloth, but not more durable than hemp. Hemp is 160 times stronger than cotton. Oxford is incredibly wash-durable. Years & years of use. I got about 25 wearings from a J Press light blue OCBD until the cuffs started to fray showing the white threads as the blue broke. Perhaps I'm just hard on them. So, I only buy the plain white now, where the same...
The black-tie-not-required is someone being nice to people who can't afford/don't have it. Wear black tie. Don't wear opera pumps - people will laugh their arses off.
Ok, so we're four weeks in, and I'm now at this stage: 1. I'm using a Merkur 34C with Feather blades. Tried derby (ok), Vidyut (crap), Gilette 7'oclock (good), Feather (best) 2. I can do two with-the grain passes with no nicks reliably now. 3. I can do against-the-grain above the chin-line reliably 4. I have to do against-the-grain under the chin-line with a Mach 3 to finish off, because I rip myself to shreds trying to do it with the DE. I have very thick...
Quote: Originally Posted by SupraSaiyan Hi SF, I'm looking for an online retailer that carries Church's shoes. I'm specifically looking for the Liverpool Last 108. Thanks! http://www.church-footwear.com/churchs.html (at least, they sell to the UK).
Ely. The Octagon, built in 1322AD, from wood - and still standing. Tower:
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