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Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint A- Oxford is far more durable than poplin or broadcloth, but not more durable than hemp. Hemp is 160 times stronger than cotton. Oxford is incredibly wash-durable. Years & years of use. I got about 25 wearings from a J Press light blue OCBD until the cuffs started to fray showing the white threads as the blue broke. Perhaps I'm just hard on them. So, I only buy the plain white now, where the same...
The black-tie-not-required is someone being nice to people who can't afford/don't have it. Wear black tie. Don't wear opera pumps - people will laugh their arses off.
Ok, so we're four weeks in, and I'm now at this stage: 1. I'm using a Merkur 34C with Feather blades. Tried derby (ok), Vidyut (crap), Gilette 7'oclock (good), Feather (best) 2. I can do two with-the grain passes with no nicks reliably now. 3. I can do against-the-grain above the chin-line reliably 4. I have to do against-the-grain under the chin-line with a Mach 3 to finish off, because I rip myself to shreds trying to do it with the DE. I have very thick...
Quote: Originally Posted by SupraSaiyan Hi SF, I'm looking for an online retailer that carries Church's shoes. I'm specifically looking for the Liverpool Last 108. Thanks! http://www.church-footwear.com/churchs.html (at least, they sell to the UK).
Ely. The Octagon, built in 1322AD, from wood - and still standing. Tower:
Top tip: Old-fashioned white Rioja is almost-criminally undervalued. Try the Marques Murrieta Ygay white at about 10 years old, for example. The new style white Rioja for early drinking is also pleasant.
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Sorry, but whilst we're at it; Henry Poole, at the old shop Notice the 'misspelling' of Savile in Frame 1 :-)
A council estate opposite a row of 5 mil houses is still fairly common. And there's free bus travel for kids, so these 15/16 year olds are often a long way from their homes.
Also some higher-quality stuff than I've seen from them in a while ('Diplomat' range). I'm thinking about the beige suede brogues at the bottom of the linked page. http://www.sanders-uk.com/categories/-Casual-11.php
Twice a year - January and Summer.
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