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Note that neither have a storm welt. There are two variations of the Loake 1880 chukka - one has a 360 degree welt and one doesn't. I don't know what effect on weatherfastness that has, though.
I saw Top Secret again last night - had forgotten how good it was.
Scored, before lunch: 1. Glass of Cava from TM Lewin. Tasty-ish. 2. Saucer of Champagne from Church's - tasty. Are saucers the corrected grain of Champagne glasses? 3. Glass of Champagne from another shirtmaker, but I wasn't concentrating. 4. Smoked salmon from the Ritz stall - tasty. Seriously, though, it was mostly a fun event. "Being British" was a bit of a dumb theme, and there was some twattish faux-snobbery from a minority of stallholders - not exactly in the...
Here's a couple more - sorry for the quality.
Cheaney Chukkas. First resole. Can't decide whether to keep using suede cleaner on these to keep them pristine, or let them really go... (JR heel units are awesome, by the way. I no longer need to change heels in between resolings - and I'm very hard on heels).
Quote: Originally Posted by pred02 Hi, I am in a market for a pair of English made, comfortable, brown pair of work shoes. I was originally looking at Oxfords style but I am open to other suggestions. The budget is £150, English made, Goodyear welded. I originally tried Loake 1880 Aldywitch but found them a bit still. You found them stiff trying them on, or you bought them? You should expect it to take a few wearings, and some...
I just completed this year's self-employment personal tax return, my limited company accounts, corporation tax calculation, filed them all online and paid them, all in a single day. I've never used an accountant, and I don't think I know anyone who does (for their personal affairs, anyway). In every hollywood film, it seems that all the middle class characters know who their accountant and lawyer is off-hand. Is that actually true? Spending 1000 pounds on...
You had a long period of Liberal government prior to this, right? Did swing voters get rid of it because they felt it was time for a change, or because they /hated/ it? Also, what do you think the effect of the Labor pronouncements on Republicanism is, if any?
Ede & Ravenscroft's are about that price and very nice. I don't have a clue where they source them, but they're nicer than dent's.
Quote: Originally Posted by WN2 As far as I can see, the logic is identical, however Americans and Swiss/Finns/Swedes/etc don't understand the other system. I think the point is that the law should (in theory) apply equally to everyone, and the argument that depriving someone of the same percentage of their wealth rather than the same sum is 'equal' is very shaky.
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