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Drank a few beers whilst writing some comedy with friends. Pub for a few more beers. Fine so far. Then on to the bar of a hotel where a visiting friend is staying. When we went in, they had about 10 different malts. We drank them down to two. Retirement to another friends house. Few bottles of wine bought out. Pool. Telling of highly off-colour jokes. Walked home at 5am in the light. Woke up at 11am, feeling like a mouldy cup.
Quote: Originally Posted by jett So what's everyone opinion of the ascot? I actually rather like them, and today I finally saw my very first one that wasn't part of a period film on an older gentleman. Very dapper I think, but also very unusual. What are your usual thoughts when you see someone rocking the ascot? For people my age (24), I prefer it loosely tied and barely showing. I admire anyone my age with the kumquats to wear an ascot but I...
Quote: Originally Posted by naapa Hello everyone I am finally done with the swedish equivalent to high school this spring and I do not feel like studying more, for awhile at least. But I am rather lost on what to do really. Most of you guys seem to have a good thing or two to say about most subjects so I am looking for guidance. You don't have to know what you want to do with your life to pick what to study, unless it's vocational (law,...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Tongue in cheek only, Manton. Tongue in cheek. Oh, cheek as in the side of one's face? Now I see.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahenderson1973@gmail.com I am in the on the verge of buying my first "decent" suit, which will be for my wedding in Nov. I have a budget of £500-600, and have in mind a 2 piece, single breasted suit in dark grey. Ede & Ravenscroft ought to be able to do that.
Lord Wetherill of Bernard Wetherill and Kilgour, Savile row tailor and statesman, died today aged 86: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6632713.stm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Weatherill
I'd always assumed that the stuff in the UK stores was a mixture of english, italian and other goods. I wouldn't be suprised if, for instance, the polos and jumpers are made in a far-off land.
I have to say that I'd always previously thought that anyone diverting from classic black tie looked awful, but I have to say I love this jacket. Not my size, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by skippy upwood I picked up a rather strange suit jacket in a thrift the other day for $20. It is a blue striped blazer made of what feel likes cotton or linen. It's also very wrinkled and made by the clothing company 'Maine, New England'. I'll try and post a pic but does this sound like a seersucker jacket? Has anyone heard of the company? In Britain, Maine New England is an own-brand carried by the department store...
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC I've got a number of items up on eBay at the moment :- A pair of Cheaney dainite-soled country shoes Styleforum members get a free gift when purchasing from me All are ending in a little under 3 days: My eBay Items Pah. I was hoping no-one would notice those shoes and I'd get 'em cheap (currently high bidder)
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