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I have a sports jacket from them. It's a 38R. I have a chest which measures 39.5 but 38R stuff almost always is a better fit for me than 40R. The Acquascutum jacket is a bit tight. So I'd say it runs a little bit smaller than my other jackets / suits (Ede & Ravenscroft, Swaine Adeney etc.)
It appears Marks and Spencer have started to stock Goodyear-welted shoes for the first time in a long while (Or if that doesn't work Homepage => Men => Luxury => Shoes) Has anyone seen these in person and can hazard a guess as to who makes them?
For 65 pounds, you could order: (It says Loake Shoemaker, but they're actually Loake 1880, so much better quality.) I have a pair, and they polish up very well indeed, and look good with jeans. I wouldn't wear brown shoes with a suit, but if you do, I guess that would look fine too. This would leave you money spare for another pair.
Ditto. I wore an almost identical ensemble last week, but with no contrast collar and a small weave yellow tie. People didn't seem to think the stripe combination was over the top, which suprised me.
Quote: Originally Posted by lifersfc It is extraordinarily difficult to get this knot to look like it does on paper. Somewhat interesting in real life, but its details are covered by the shirt collar, unless a spread collar is worn. Getting the little piece to show on the lower left is basically impossible.... If you look at the diagram in the original post, you'll see that it uses a fixed-width tie. This is why the piece across the front...
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