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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbadbuff Finally going to Europe this year. Ideally I would take 2+ weeks and train it across a few countries, but I am pretty sure I will be limited to 10 days-2 weeks max. The obvious answers are Paris, Rome/Florence, Barcelona, Prague, etc. I am open to those but would like some other suggestions from our many well-traveled folks. I am thinking about limiting to 3 cities and utilizing the trains. I would...
Today, R de Rieussec 2006 (Dry Sauv/Sem from Sauternes). A bargain at 9 quid.
Off-topic, but this beautiful Cheaney Veldtschoen doesn't go on sale often: http://herringshoes.co.uk/product-in...ID=3&seconds=1
Tweet from @billyeichner "I am no longer too gay to join the army. So what are we going to do about the fact that I'm too scared?"
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt so essentially it will prolong the time that it will take the student to pay back once they are working right? ie it's not a point where 'if you can't pay this right now, you don't gets no books and you don't gets no skoolerin' - entrance requirements (academically and financially) are unchanged, but instead of paying off 3k in, say, three years, you guys will have to pay 9k in nine years, plus some allowances for...
Quote: Originally Posted by JDMills Are those Prince Charles'? Looks exactly like the shine he has on his old cap toes. Look great Notice how the person who shines them isn't bothered about filling the broguing holes with polish.
In brief: The Government loans you the money for the tuition fees, and just about enough on top for living expenses (rent, food). New system: you pay it back when you're earning 21000 pounds a year or more. Universities aren't allowed to charge more than 9000 pounds tuition. Under the old system, the maximum tuition fees were 3000 pounds and the payback threshold was 15000 pounds. You pay about 9% of gross income above the threshold until the loan is payed off....
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Don't you think the TSA will eventually move to trains, also? Nope. If you want to kill hundreds of people, you blow up the track, not the train.
Four feet, from bed to desk. Via the bathroom, though, since I'm not a slob.
Grenson country shoes, bought 1992. Resoled maybe ten times. The upper is almost orange, a soft thick leather. Very comfortable for long walks.
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