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Grenson country shoes, bought 1992. Resoled maybe ten times. The upper is almost orange, a soft thick leather. Very comfortable for long walks. (Second hand recommendation)
Conan is funny. His interviewing isn't very good, though - especially with a poor guest. Letterman can make virtually any interview entertaining.
Notice that one has a storm welt and the other doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood This is great, thanks guys. England: I admit that tweed can in some cases be "genuine" day-wear among the upper classes, but has anyone had any direct experience with these people? Having grown up in Cambrdige and living in the Cotswolds I have rearely seen the tweed suit in use outside of a sunday hunt. Huge distinction between tweed odd jacket (See every day) and tweed suit (hardly ever see,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood OK, so I'm writing a piece on the use of tweed in suits, but when I come to think about it, I don't know much about how it is perceived in different locations. Being English I have surmised that tweed is: A "Throwback" style for younger people. Can be seen as an Affection Affectation. Don't assume every young person in England wearing tweed is affecting it. For the less-cool rural upper and...
J. Gane == New & Lingwood
Quote: Originally Posted by Poincare 1998 Bristol Blenheim 2 1984 Renault 4 1991 Land Rover Defender 110 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider in Antibes At some stage I'd like to replace the Alfa with a 275 NART. Not going to happen any time soon though! I want the Blenheim 4 so badly.
Note that neither have a storm welt. There are two variations of the Loake 1880 chukka - one has a 360 degree welt and one doesn't. I don't know what effect on weatherfastness that has, though.
I saw Top Secret again last night - had forgotten how good it was.
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