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Quote: Originally Posted by sygyzy Hi, Thinking about getting some Chukkas from CT. How do they run, sizewise? Thanks. I have the 1880 Chukka from Loake (which is the CT chukka, I think). It's a nice shoe. I bought it in 10G. I normally wear 9.5G in Loake, but bought it before I knew that. It fits well, though. With chukkas, buying half a size too big isn't a disaster, since the extra ankle support seems to help alleviate the problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by conal Sanders makes a uniform shoe called the Moffat that Pediwear and others sell in only G and H widths. What is the quality of Sanders shoes and are they made in only wide widths (above F width)? Thanks. It's in polished (corrected grain) leather, so I wouldn't bother. Try the Sanders Cheam in the Ambassador and Clubman range. This is calf. They run quite large (same as loake for sizing). I'm wearing a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Carruthers I think that key is just to make the first fold only 1/3 to 1/2 the length of your cuff and go from there. Aha! This seems to work.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer A guy arrives home from work to be greeted at the door by his wife. She's wearing red lipstick, sexy black underwear and is holding a rope. "Tie me up honey" she purrs "and you can do anything you want". So he tied her up and went fishing. A very similar one: A man comes home and says "Honey, I've won the lottery. Pack your bags!". She says "What should I pack?". He says "I don't care. Just...
I prefer rolled up shirt sleeves to be somewhat messy, but I see some people (mostly in magazines, but sometimes in real life) with very neatly folded over / rolled shirt sleeves. How is this achieved?
My favourite shoes are my Loake 1880 Kemptons (Chukka boot). I also have the Norwich 1880 in black calf, which I like. The normal line isn't durable enough, I find. The new "Mayfair last" 1880 line (like the pictures posted by the OP) look a step up from what was previously available in style.
Too much going on up top. How about a plainer tie? And I think the pocket square in blue is too matchy-matchy. Lovely jacket, though!
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I won't dare divulge the sorts of sites he visits for "research purposes." *fap fap fap fap* It's spelt *fwap*
I bought these on ebay, but the toe shape is a little elongated for my tastes, and they're too narrow for me. Original Auction Would be happy to recoup the sale price. So, 40 pounds plus postage. Edit: I should point out they're calf, which isn't mentioned in the old ebay posting. They're also a shade darker in person (i.e actually tan, rather than the yellow shown in the ebay photo).
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s Since you guys are so smart, where in my post did I even infer that I wasn't on my T1? Sheesh. You mean "imply". Sheesh.
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