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I've just bought a nice Henry Poole tie It's a lovely thick woven navy blue with silver and pink medallion. It's obviously been hanging vertically for a long time (looking at the colour of the lining and condition of the material, I reckon it's more than 30 years old, but that's just a guess). Now, I don't mind about the stretching around the part which would have hung over the hanger, but the whole thing is...
Cheers! Let's hope I don't spill any.
I can find online sources for edge dressing shipping from the US, but does anyone know where to get it in the UK? I'm after brown particularly, but black too. I've tried shoe shops and shoe repairers. Any ideas short of getting it shipped?
Oh, I see he's relisted, having more. Hmm. :-)
I was contemplating the Size 10 before someone else swiped them. 95UKP is a stonking BIN.
Dear all, I have some cheap Loakes. The inside lining at the back on one foot has worn through, and the wrinkled edges of the hole are hurting my foot. I've trimmed it a little but it's still bad. Can a cobbler do anything about this cheaply? Could I try duck tape over the top? I'm not bothered about aesthetics inside the shoe.
I should add that (last year, at any rate) Ede & Ravenscroft were selling a black captoe patent evening shoe, so I'm not sure the rule is absolute.
Somewhat cheaper, if they can ship in time: What do people feel about the second, open front style of patent shoe? Normally, one would think informal for a derby-style, but many (most?) patent shoes I see in Britain are in that style.
DocHolliday: not sure. My friends hate it. Perhaps ebay. It's a nice structured fit. Did I mention it has a 2.5in spaced red check over the top of the dogtooth?
Hackett Green/Brown tweed jacket 10GBP Thresher and Glenny french cuff light yellow shirt 5GBP Swaine Adeney sports jacket -- really gross yellow/green dogtooth 7GBP Gieves and Hawkes black full brogues 12GBP Not a bad haul given the rubbish that fills most of our charity shops! I can go weeks without finding anything.
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