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Battistoni tie. 3.50. Got it home to find stain I'd missed. Arse.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface I don't get it. How do you put them on? They go over the shirt-sleeves, so as to keep the length correct relative to the jacket. Or simply to keep the shirt-sleeves out of the way (if you're a telegraph operator!)
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing For my 10,000th post, I feel this is appropriate. Does anyone wear armbands, such as those made by Albert Thurston? No, not our SoCal2NYC's Thom Browne armbands but these: Now, I don't have my shirts custom-made so the sleeves can sometimes present something of a problem under jackets. I wear them whenever needed, unless it's summer (too hot), or I know I'll be taking the jacket off (looks goofy).
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Organic carrots absolutely taste better than their doppelgangers. There is a significant difference between the varieties of carrots which are grown for shape and disease resistance and those grown for taste. In particular, a lot of taste is given up for resistance to carrot root fly. The most usual situation is that a shop stocks: (a) Cheap un-organic carrots which are of the former variety and taste...
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal The dilemma, of course, is what to bring. A dilemma is a choice, or a situation demanding a choice, between equally undesirable alternatives. What you have is a problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Just spilled coffee all over my shirt EDIT: And on my Numerical Recipes in C book Might be the best thing: http://www.uwyo.edu/buerkle/misc/wnotnr.html
Quote: Originally Posted by rogergaler1971 I have some Loake shoes that I want to have resoled. Do you guys think I should send them back to the factory in the UK or can I just go in to any shop and have them done? I know that many shoe repair places prefer to glue on the sole but the orginal sole on these shoes is stitched on. Most places can stitch a new sole on, but find a reputable place by personal recommendation, if...
Quote: Originally Posted by discostu004 ok, some of you guys have seen this, as i sent it out getting opinions, and the opinions were all positive, even down to pointing out the proper amt of sleeve, PS etc. i'd been wanting to do this for awhile now, here it is... any dissenting opinions (hope not!) Love the graphic. It read as cloth-shorse the first time I looked at it, but that could just be me. Not too keen on the early-90s font
Chester Barrie Orphaned Rope-Striped navy suit jacket. On Sale at 31.50UKP (down from 250UKP). Now, striped odd jackets aren't to versatile, but for occasional wear with jeans and shirt, pretty good value.
A pair of Grained brown solid full brogues. Look 20 or 30 years old. Very knackered, but after a lot of work, they look beautiful. I'm thinking of having them resoled in vibram or commando to use as a pair of Country Shoes. Two pounds A pair of recent brown calf chelsea boots from Jones. Cemented Sole, but they look pretty good. Four pounds. (Is it usual for the elastic on a chelsea not to close fully on the leg? These fit on the foot, but are gappy around the leg...)
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