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Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha if you read back to the previous posts you will understand on what i mean by "off" it is not meant in a negative way! Ah!
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha i just found this pic too of JL london's diamond cap but their call it the double v Attachment 6566Attachment 6567 so it you compare them side by side both are slightly off There's nothing "off" about them; the point of the diamond lines up with the centre of the top of the throat in both examples. It would look odd if it didn't -- the foot is asymetrical, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman The source just follows the benzene. Actually, I had some Chasse-Spleen, which I bought because I liked the name. I find that that's my only unfailing way to choose a good wine. My spleen needed to be chassed away. I ordered a Serafin Gevrey-Chambertin on Friday at the cat restaurant because I was wearing my shearling that day and it was fantastic. Chasse-Spleen is a nice lunchtime claret. They used to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast The jacket is nice, but I dislike how it's been paired with a near-identical shade solid pair of trousers in the front cover shot. Yes, I agree with that, certainly. But what else would you choose? I'd do jeans, but if I wanted to be more formal... Corduroy sounds wrong, moleskin?
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I can't get my four-in-hands to flare as nicely as that under the knot, including ones I've bought from E&R. Adjusting them afterwards to get the affect seems not to work. Is that a different kind of knot?
Incidentally, Ede and Ravenscroft have taken over the unit next to their Cambridge branch, which will be an extension. It's not been shopfitted yet, though.
My pamphlet arrived today too. The distressed flannel grey suit is beautiful in person. You don't see too many informal suits around these days, but the puffed edge on the lapels (in the same place piping would be) and the button-over coat collar make this one, I'd say. The windowpane odd jacket is very pretty in person too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Kearey Thanks for all your help. I like the idea of the toe taps but where would I get them done? I live just outside London and I will be working in Canary Wharf, London from Monday and wearing these shoes everyday until I can afford a second pair of shoes. If anyone knows of any really good cobblers in London that can add these toe tap things please let me know. Also, does it matter that they are a little worn...
Absolutely. N&L retails at 80UKP per shirt, and are beautifully made. I often buy Ede & Ravenscroft instead, since they're cheaper (50UKP) and almost as good, but N&L is a benchmark for me, for shirts to be worn with suits. I have a N&L shirt built in 1975 which is still going strong and which, modulo the label, is exactly the same as one built now.
The lack of stitching where the welt would be and the lack of a line where any hidden stitching on the sole would be cut-in indicates the soles are glued together. So your price may be a little optimistic..
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