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Quote: Originally Posted by tom288 In order to not open a new thread, what do you generally wear suede shoes with? I have CJ handgrade Boswells and cant figure out what to wear them with... I wear suede oxfords with cords and a casual shirt or flannel trousers and a end-on-end shirt. Suede loafers with chinos / polos.
Henry Poole do "Bespoke Cashmere" but their description sounds like MTM. I doubt it's cheap, though.
Mislabelled RMWs going cheap:
Ede & Ravenscroft shoes 8.5UK These are made by Grenson, and retail at 250UKP. The buy-it-now is a bargain.
Sorry to hi-jack: I have a pair of Gieves and Hawkes black calf full brogues I'd like to sell: How much should I ask? They're more used than yours, and only retailed for 190UKP. BTW does anyone know who makes for G&H?
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh At £120 they won't happen to come by way of the sunny India, will they ? I would doubt it. Given they're not calf, £120 seems about in line.
I know a number of you use Herring shoes. They have a new website and new premier lines of their own brand. They also, pleasantly, admit who makes their own-brand shoes (Loake for normal, Sargent and Cheaney for Premier). Also, this is sweet: Monk
Unworn M&S Wool/Silk biege/brown summer-weight small-pattern jacket. 10GBP (Retail 179GBP) I've only been wearing "proper" (post-sf) clothes for about 6 months, so all my stuff is Autumn/Winter. Now looking to pick up some summer stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher I have only one pair of Loakes (1880's, via Charles Tyrwhitt), but mine came with very fast-wearing sole leather. A couple of others have echoed my experience. Ah. I'm coming to the conclusion that Sanders are much better value in the "I must have calf and I must have it cheaply" stakes. I have some 75 quid full-price black calf captoes from them which have good hard soles, combination heels and very close...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoe-nut Considering how seldom one has to change out the sole of a shoe it makes better sense to me to do the fulls. Three days wear a week (spaced out), six months for these. Holes in the middle of soles (stitching saved by toe-plates). Presumably Loake use cheap leather, or I'm very hard on them...
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