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La Vieille Ferme (from the people who brought you Beaucastel) is reasonably widely availble and both red and white are stonkingly good value at about $12.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 On a tangential matter, I don't know why Loake have started using that nasty shaped rubber quarter on the new "Mayfair Last" 1880s when the old ones had a conventional small rubber segment. For me, one of the advantages of a combination heel rather than a wholly rubber toplift is a better aesthetic when seen from the edge.
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s What's shipping to US? Surface mail could probably be done for under the ten pounds quoted; Air mail might be a little more. PM me if you bid and I'll weigh the shoes at the post office and give a quote.
Found these in a Charity shop for 18UKP today (See, full disclosure!). Shoe trees included free if winning bid is an SF member.
Jacket fits well. Perhaps the trousers should be taken up an inch or so. As for shoes, I'd go for black captoe oxfords. But perhaps that's just the English perspective. American members will be able to advise further about brown etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrpologuy What is the best way to clean my ears and remove wax? Do I have to go see a doctor or is there a over the counte ror home remedy I can use? Thanks guys!! How does an accountant deal with ear wax? He works it out with a pencil. Seriously, though, you can get over-the-counter remidies, at least in this country. For more severe cases syringing is required, which a nurse can do.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Even Larry King could have asked better questions. One of my favorite parts was when he met with Phelps for the first time and was told to go away because he was asking stupid questions. I cant believe they didn't edit that mistake out, especially when the family had to point it out for him. He gets to the Head Honcho and all he could think was to ask how many kids he has? The whole show is one missed opportunity...
Quote: Originally Posted by j There are sites that will allow you to download the movies by entering the URL into a form, into FLV format. Then you can extract the audio track using a utility like FLV Extract. Using Safari, you can choose from the Menu bar Window-->Activity to find the video currently playing and save the video directly, to skip the first step.
Ebay listing I post this partly for the usual reason but also, since it's the first clothing item I've sold on Ebay, to ask if I've made any faux-pas in the listing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Jesus, I looked this up, and it's actually a real concept. What kind of dried up pedant loser actually know that? Oh dear God I laughed so hard at that.
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