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Now confirmed by major news outlets. How awfully sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I don't know if this is news, but Steve Jobs has pancreatic cancer. Apparently a treatable form. b In 2003...
Quote: Originally Posted by velobran wheat waffle with fresh preserves. What's a fresh preserve (serious question)?
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo There is one of those EG-esque 'patches' on the inside, inner aspect, but nothing is written in them. There is 'Savoy F9' handwritten on the tongue. So far as I know, they're all Grenson. E&R shoes retail at 250UKP, so EG seems unlikely. The patch inside is normal, as are closed-channel soles.
Grenson Commando-soled calf country derbies from 1992 in reasonable condition - 20 quid. Lovely Aquascutum suit in Charcoal Grey which fitted beautifully, but a glue stain on the lapel, so had to leave it.
And my country is in economic and political union with these people
Has anyone tried using a pair of normal boots a couple of sizes up for this? I mean, putting your size 8 oxfords inside a size 10 commando-soled veldtschtoen zug-grain boot, for instance.
German Auslese. The Germans excel at sweet white, but it's become unfashionable around the world, so you can pick up some bargains. My local merchant has some halves of 1976 which are stonking.
I just scored that exact model on eBay for 47.99 almost new :-) Jeans mostly, I think. Beige Chinos might be too light.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby In my experience, both good and shitty drip coffee tastes better black. I actually have a major weakness for shitty American diner coffee, for whatever reason. I have a secret love of cheap coffee too. Especially in the morning.
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