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Given their business size, I should imagine they make their own. Turkey? Portugal?
Two cheap-ish but nice linen jackets, one dark blue, one mid blue, just in time for Summer. 10 pounds each.
Johnny Cash at Fulsom Prison
I owe the inland revenue $2400 for 2006-7, which is why I'm not buying clothes now
Kempton with Rubber sole
Isle of Jura 10 Year Old. For people in the UK, Co-op has this on offer at £16 down from £24, which seems an unusually good scotch discount.
Everyone gets headaches with new (or changed) glasses. Just gotta ride it out.
http://www.coherentgraphics.co.uk/kempton1.jpg http://www.coherentgraphics.co.uk/kempton2.jpg Loake 1880 Kempton second in chestnut calf, 60GBP, 3rd sole, nth heel). Water damaged again today... My favourite shoes. Wear 'em about 3 times a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black - The Aristocrats joke and why it's funny...i once stumbled upon a website with many variations of this joke; i like tasteless humor but the charm of this joke is completely lost on me. The original joke is simple. Aristocrats are incestuous. At least, in Europe they are. For some reason they spent the whole film pretending that the joke was only ever about the build-up and that it never had that...
Selling with Amazon is painless, and I had no problem with lack of feedback. If you're selling higher education books, you're probably reputable, I suppose. But, if loads of sellers have the book for sale (if it's a very popular book) the price can be low.
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