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Marvellous! Thanks. 1500 zloty is 380 pounds, which is a bargain.
I just thrifted these for 7 pounds: Does anyone recognise the maker? Google doesn't seem to. Do they look as if they were bespoke? Nice curved channeled soles. Not my size, unfortunately (I reckon about uk size 8), so ebay beckons. Also picked up a pair of New & Lingwoods in the same design and size.
Well, if you need to wear one two days in a row, yes. But hopefully, funerals won't be /that/ common in your life :-)
My only pattern. Lanvin. Charity shop 99p.
Niepoort. Not widely available, but very very good value. Their Ruby (they call it Junior Tinto) at about $15 is unbeatable at that price. http://www.niepoort-vinhos.com/
Gordon Scotts was where I got all my childhood shoes - they were the only store which properly measured children. Last year, they were taken over by Jones the Bootmaker, which is owned by Prada. So now they stock the same crap as Jones :-(
Thought I'd have this repaired. My only watch, which I've not worn in years, a hand-me-down from a great uncle I never met. One hand had fallen off, dome was cracked, strap was a nasty fake-gold expanding bracelet. Cost about $180 to do, which is probably more than it's worth, but never mind - I like it. Planning to buy a better strap when I can afford it - This one was only $15. (Edit: The mottling on the face doesn't look as bad in person)
Suddenly http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047542/ A little old-school, but very very good.
Just knocked back a bottle of Cooperative Chablis. Now time for some Malboro Lights.
Not entirely on topic, but Americans who say "second of all". Repeat after me: First of all, secondly, thirdly,.......,last of all.
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