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A common meal at home when we were kids was a couple of burgers (no bun), potatoes and vegetables - just another meat & two veg.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman I've added some additional items today including Knize, Conte and Rubirosa. Click my sig. I need to add more stuff, maybe tomorrow. Only one bid on N&L RTW Russia calf derbies? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT These are my size - can deal with the cracked leather, but the replacement sole has been stitched right through to the inside of the shoe - see the inside photograph....
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I think this sums up Obama's position: Someone needs to tell this cartoonist to stop being so damned obvious. In the union's pocket. We get it. We don't need you to write 'UNIONS' on the pocket as well as having the word union in the word bubble, ffs.
Ends tomorrow. Plenty of stuff left. I bought a navy T, and black and navy polos. RRP £150, Cost £39. I think this level of sale might only happen once a year - sadly I can't afford their stuff normally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Peak and Pine Nothing wrong with it, it's what it says about you. Let's say you keep a neat house. No smoking, wipe feet, use coasters, etc. But then you have people over. All that anal crap goes out the window. Clean up and air the place out after. They're your friends not your kids. If the surface needs a coaster (because water or heat will leave an indelible mark) then you should use it at all times, guest or...
Necroposting. Awesome. To make up for it, a couple of pictures of fair isle:
Final sale. Just picked up a Plain Tee for 10 quid and a polo for 14.50 - both 70% off. http://www.sunspel.com/sale
Just become a wine guy. Did you like beer the first time you tasted it? You really don't want sweet or strong cocktails with food, unless the food blows anyway.
Other notes: re cash bleeding - all major museums in the UK are free. London is 20 quid return on the fast line, or 14 quid on the slow line. In February, I'd avoid the countryside - the fens are desolate in the winter.
I live in Cambridge. One day worth of tourist stuff here, but it's good. 30 Colleges, Small but perfectly formed museum - plenty of picasso, renoir etc. Punting on the river. The rest of the time? 49 Minutes to London on the train
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