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Just picked up a random 1986 Mosel Kabinett from the local merchants for 10 quid. The cork was so loose that it was virtually floating, and touching it with the corkscrew pushed it in. Slightly dried out, but still alive, and a bargain.
Cheaney suede brogues, about 5 years old, after second resole. Just brushed, and excess nap burned off with a lighter. Never used a suede cleaner on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by esswhykay I suppose I'll tack onto this thread as I'm planning a London trip for next week. Do you locals recommend getting a reservation for St. John Bar and Restaurant? I'm thinking of a meal there (most likely lunch) and I don't mind sitting at the bar. Both incarnations of St John's are excellent. Lunch in particular is a bargain. In fact, unless you're drinking heavily, it's all a bargain.
Tomb of the unknown soldier.
Norm MacDonald's Comedy Central Special http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTbFY...eature=related
I'm not sure you have to be so calculating (that's a pejorative word, but I can't think of a neutral one). My father was strong and (mostly) silent, and I learnt by following him, not by listening to him tell me what to do. I'd also add that strong influences outside the family are good, for distance and perspective - piano teacher, family friend - whatever - someone who isn't family but who is close. Unfortunately, nowadays, in most communities, school teachers...
A common meal at home when we were kids was a couple of burgers (no bun), potatoes and vegetables - just another meat & two veg.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman I've added some additional items today including Knize, Conte and Rubirosa. Click my sig. I need to add more stuff, maybe tomorrow. Only one bid on N&L RTW Russia calf derbies? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT These are my size - can deal with the cracked leather, but the replacement sole has been stitched right through to the inside of the shoe - see the inside photograph....
Ends tomorrow. Plenty of stuff left. I bought a navy T, and black and navy polos. RRP £150, Cost £39. I think this level of sale might only happen once a year - sadly I can't afford their stuff normally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Peak and Pine Nothing wrong with it, it's what it says about you. Let's say you keep a neat house. No smoking, wipe feet, use coasters, etc. But then you have people over. All that anal crap goes out the window. Clean up and air the place out after. They're your friends not your kids. If the surface needs a coaster (because water or heat will leave an indelible mark) then you should use it at all times, guest or...
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