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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm who did your resole? nice job Timpsons, which is the biggest (maybe the monopoly?) chain services (shoes, keycutting etc.) shop in the UK. One in every town. Obviously some variation in quality of work, but it's directly managed not franchised, and they're pretty good. 65 quid for JR Sole & Heel (Normal leather is 55, so well worth it.)
Mother seems horribly haughty. She's right, though, on almost every point. She should take the silly little cow under her wing, and gently give her the parenting she so obviously missed out on. Or just slap Freddie for having no fucking taste.
Knob has two positions - one for time, one date.
Just picked up a random 1986 Mosel Kabinett from the local merchants for 10 quid. The cork was so loose that it was virtually floating, and touching it with the corkscrew pushed it in. Slightly dried out, but still alive, and a bargain.
Cheaney suede brogues, about 5 years old, after second resole. Just brushed, and excess nap burned off with a lighter. Never used a suede cleaner on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc You mean you don't keep a continuously rotating set of fully refundable "booked weeks in advance" flights on your calender just in case you need an alibi? for shame! He has an arrangement with Air France whereby he can first class on any plane just by turning up, according to the Times.
Quote: Originally Posted by esswhykay I suppose I'll tack onto this thread as I'm planning a London trip for next week. Do you locals recommend getting a reservation for St. John Bar and Restaurant? I'm thinking of a meal there (most likely lunch) and I don't mind sitting at the bar. Both incarnations of St John's are excellent. Lunch in particular is a bargain. In fact, unless you're drinking heavily, it's all a bargain.
Tomb of the unknown soldier.
Norm MacDonald's Comedy Central Special http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTbFY...eature=related
I'm not sure you have to be so calculating (that's a pejorative word, but I can't think of a neutral one). My father was strong and (mostly) silent, and I learnt by following him, not by listening to him tell me what to do. I'd also add that strong influences outside the family are good, for distance and perspective - piano teacher, family friend - whatever - someone who isn't family but who is close. Unfortunately, nowadays, in most communities, school teachers...
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