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Well, you should hope it's something physical that can be fixed. I've had ten years of pain from a period of excess computer use which, so far as my neurologist could work out, was induced by extreme stress. No physically-detectable signs at all. Luckily, it's nowhere near as bad as it was - though it's hurting now, because I'm thinking about it. Best of Luck.
Do you have a reference for this? The article above listsunder 'Dissenting opinions', but google doesn't throw anything else up (other than this thread!)I'm happy to believe the TCA, of course.
The cork's been touching the liquid anyway, if the bottle's been on its side. If alcohol "dissolved" cork, we wouldn't use it to close bottles.
Excuse my stuck record, but go to St John's (whichever branch). And, for getting out..... Paris is only being two-and-a-quarter hours away on the train, no excuse really. Practically a day trip. Scotland on the sleeper train? The Lake District? Anywhere in Europe is a cheap flight away. London City Airport has 10-mins-before-departure check in times (15 mins if you're checking bags). Madrid? Venice? Oslo? Go to Athens and bail the poor buggers out? (Whoops: saw your...
Made what I suppose is a cocktail. Don't know anything about them, don't drink them, but thought I'd give it a go. 4 parts Dark Rum 1 part juice of a lime teaspoon sugar 1 part tap water Made up in one glass (to dissolve sugar), then poured over lots of ice in a tumbler. Tastes all right. Any further suggestions? Don't really keep a drinks cabinet, and don't want to buy loads of weird bottles or equipment.
Strangely, not all the people who live with me want to see me naked. Odd, that.
No, what's weird is taking a pile of clothes into the bathroom, taking bedclothes (if any) off and showering, drying, putting on the clothes whilst in the bathroom, traipsing back to the bedroom with the pile of bedclothes in hand. What a palaver. I sleep naked anyway.On the shoes-off thing, I'm happy to accept people of other cultures or nationalities doing it, but when someone of my culture and geography does it, it's almost inevitably turns out that they're bland,...
And again. 60% off. I've sworn off clothing purchases, though. The T shirts and polos I bought last time still look almost like new. Great quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sir Humphrey Appleby You would have loved the 40s then, World War, bombing raids, invasions, sieges, death camps, the rise of the NHS, the Marshall Plan, the start of the Cold War, just so many things to interest you. Cheer up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sir Humphrey Appleby What I love about the BBC news reports is that it is always biased against whoever is saying they're biased, be it left or right wing. Its almost like its really quite neutral. I don't think the BBC is deliberately biased, for the most part. It's just that most people who work for them probably don't realise where the centre is, amongst the public as a whole. They did make a bad habit in...
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