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Quote: Originally Posted by wysiwyg Is this saying they're not going to sell seconds anymore? I think they might just be talking about the Mequon, WI store. Most likely the Brookfield location will have 2nd's. We'll find out when the flyer comes out.
I just got an email from Allen Edmond's: Thanks for the email. We have undergone some merchandising changes and no longer carry factory second shoes. We are now on a slightly different promotional schedule. We will have a Father's Day promotion on our regular priced styles June 7 - June 20, with buy one pair and get the second of equal or lesser value at 30% off. Our Brookfield location will have the Tent Sale June 17 - June 27. You may contact them at...
Small carnival & Great town fireworks show in Montville, NJ on June 26th: Here's the south street seaport concert schedule:
Just wondering what some members rate highly for NYC summer festivals & events? There are literally thousands of events going on in the area during the summer.
I bought my gf an old 94 Nissan Sentra with 160k on it as a "temporary" car for $600. Old owner never did anything on the car. The car was rusting, the engine sounded funny and I thought it might last a month or two tops. I changed all the fluids and 7 months and 10k mi later, the car runs better than ever. We've already taken it on a few 100 mi trips and it's solid. Freaking Nissans last forever. IMO for reliability: Nissan > Honda >>> BMW
I know a lot of people with bimmers and most say expect to pay $1k a year in parts after 75k mi. The 3 series tends to have problems with subframe damage, losing reverse gear on auto tranny, suspensions, etc. The worst is the VANOS problem, which is ultra expensive. Also, the new 3 series has a LOT of turbo problems. Off topic, I had a 2000 honda accord and I had to replace the alternator at 60k mi ($500) and a new tranny at 140k mi ($2800). Totalled at 167k mi when...
I wouldn't wear these to an interview:
That link to scottevest has got one of the goofiest videos I've seen in awhile.
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