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I retract everything I said about Lands End Polos. I have about 5 of the pima polos and all of them have started to shrink after about 10 washings. The shrinking affected the length a lot, so now I have a hard time keeping them tucked in. Some developed lots of pills on the fabric. They are good in the short term, but fall apart in the long run.
The stuff is only worth it after massive sales and discounts.
FTW: Time TM80 Alarm Clock with 4Gb's of MP3's on it in SD Card format. Wake up to a random MP3 every morning. Just wish it had more bass. Maybe I can rig it with a 12" subwoofer somehow.
Just found this thread. Avid golfer over here. I usually play with a guy in my office that plays in semi-pro tournaments and regularly shoots under par. He only took 1 lesson in his life, but practices like a fiend. When I mean practice, I don't mean the range either. Most of his practice is in sand bunkers, chipping area or putting. Endless hours there. I once went to one of his practice session and I could barely stand the mind numbingness of looking at a green...
No. They are just looking for acceptance in someone that reminds them of their father figure. Just like guys date girls that remind them of their mom's.
Jan-Mar 2010 gf: Met her at strippy. Hottest chick in the joint. Got a lapdance + number from her. She stayed the night two days later. Apr-Current gf: Met at thumping loud club. Hottest chick in the joint with leopard spandex on. Hair almost 12" high. I saw her and said "How you doin'". She said back "How YOU doin'". I couldn't hear her, so I said "How YOU doin'". Then I french kissed her.
News from Allen Edmonds Mequon: "We regret to inform you that our store at East Towne Square in Mequon, WI is closed until further notice. The mall was struck by lightning early this morning and caught fire. Fortunately, no one was injured"
I can't believe I missed the JOS A Bank deal - $25 off every $100 spent. Sale ends 06/15/2010. Quote: Allen Edmonds kicks off their popular tent sale today. The 2010 tent sale, which runs from June 17th through June 27th, offers an opportunity to save up to 50% on all factory second and discontinued shoes. Savings are also available on belts, accessories, and other name brand shoes that Allen Edmonds carries. For example, their ad in the Sunday Journal Sentinel...
Does this give us any buying power over any good european products? If only the pound would drop to $1.18.
Doesn't look like any major discounts for father's day (yet):
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