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Go to the view on 47 & 7th ave for a drink. On top of the Marriot Marquis. They have a cover after 9pm. Afterwards go to 230 fifth on 5th ave and 27th st for another drink. Make sure to wear a pink polo with collars popped and keep your fist pumping! I got flamed for posting that in the past, which is hilarious: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...highlight=view
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas ^^ inorite, she looks like she's 12. perfect
Comb it flat and forward and you can simulate your old bangs. I liked the way you originally had it.
Don't forget about all the oil that came out of saddam hussein to fuel those former nazi vehicles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho For $200 would you go down on her? She doesn't have sharp knees, so I'd think most SF members would like her.
I will preorder soon. Nothing's more un-stylish than playing video games all day. I'm there!!
Joining SF and following popular advice here like a sheep. Baaaaa! Seriously though - hiring a personal trainer.
Veganism... It's really not that hard. Plenty of tasty meals to choose from: Boca Burgers taste great. Good ol' spaghetti & red sauce. Salad w/ olive oil & vinegar. Eggplant makes a great sandwich. Portabello mushrooms are tasty. Yeah, why not?
I hooked up with this chick at the bar two weekends ago and she stayed the night. Anyways, she asked for a T-shirt to wear while she slept and I grabbed one in the dark and handed it to her. I accidentally handed her my favorite tee and I dropped her off in it. She hasn't given it back & the relationship isn't working out. Should I ask for my Tee shirt back?
I retract everything I said about Lands End Polos. I have about 5 of the pima polos and all of them have started to shrink after about 10 washings. The shrinking affected the length a lot, so now I have a hard time keeping them tucked in. Some developed lots of pills on the fabric. They are good in the short term, but fall apart in the long run.
New Posts  All Forums: