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I heard the soup nazi is back in business! I think he was at like 56st and 8th ave??
Go to the view on 47 & 7th ave for a drink. On top of the Marriot Marquis. They have a cover after 9pm. Afterwards go to 230 fifth on 5th ave and 27th st for another drink. Make sure to wear a pink polo with collars popped and keep your fist pumping! I got flamed for posting that in the past, which is hilarious:
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas ^^ inorite, she looks like she's 12. perfect
Comb it flat and forward and you can simulate your old bangs. I liked the way you originally had it.
Don't forget about all the oil that came out of saddam hussein to fuel those former nazi vehicles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho For $200 would you go down on her? She doesn't have sharp knees, so I'd think most SF members would like her.
I will preorder soon. Nothing's more un-stylish than playing video games all day. I'm there!!
Joining SF and following popular advice here like a sheep. Baaaaa! Seriously though - hiring a personal trainer.
Veganism... It's really not that hard. Plenty of tasty meals to choose from: Boca Burgers taste great. Good ol' spaghetti & red sauce. Salad w/ olive oil & vinegar. Eggplant makes a great sandwich. Portabello mushrooms are tasty. Yeah, why not?
I hooked up with this chick at the bar two weekends ago and she stayed the night. Anyways, she asked for a T-shirt to wear while she slept and I grabbed one in the dark and handed it to her. I accidentally handed her my favorite tee and I dropped her off in it. She hasn't given it back & the relationship isn't working out. Should I ask for my Tee shirt back?
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