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The question is: Is the issue with girly dogs all about size or style of the dogs? If it's size, then does that mean that guys need to be doing everything bigger than the next guy into order to prove his manliness? i.e. own a big rotweiler, drive a huge SUV, and wear baggy pants that are 10 sizes too big for him?
I'm sure clint eastwood would be seen as a wuss compared to how people used to live in the middle ages - lol.
I walk my mother's chuhuahua all the time, that little guy is a chick magnet. I got all types of women coming up to me from cougars to high school girls. I even brought him to the NJ shore once in the little carry purse and there were a crowd of chicks around me asking questions. Girly dogs = Girls (duh)
I have a unique point of view: I dress to be cheap and to fit in with societal norms. Let me explain. My job has a dress code policy that I have to fulfill in order to work there. Therefore I need a few pairs of typical slacks, shirts and shoes. In order to not be seen as "dirty", I need to change the colors of these items everyday. This will help me keep my job. I know that someone shouldn't get fired for wearing the same clothes everyday, but people get fired...
Sorry to bring this old thread up, but seeing that's its winter now, I'm in the hunt for a pair of TALL boots that I can walk over 2 foot mounds of snow and wear to the office with a button down shirt and khakis. I really like the looks of the cole haan's, but I know how everyone here feels about CH. The J&M's don't look bad either. Of course, the classic altama's might work well too. Can anyone else recommend some quality choices?
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