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Anyone know any good clubs, bars, lounges in LA for a straight guy? I'm going to be there April 22-29th.
Quote: Originally Posted by AscotMcPocketsquare Do not follow any of these recommendations those bars are uniformly horrible. So where do you hang out? I don't think he wants to go to Mr. Black.
I've been clubbing at south beach about 15 times in about 5 different trips. Most of the fashion tends to be geared towards warm weather. I believe the dress code is just like an NYC club - collared shirts, shoes, jeans are ok. I've been to Mansion down there and just about everything went. I was expecting to see more linens and light colors, but that's just for the tourists I guess. Most people were wearing dark jeans and dark shirts (many affliction - like). I...
If the weather is warm, go pick up some chicks at my favorite spots: - Rooftop @ 230 Fifth on 5th ave and 27th st. (Probably the best spot in NYC on a nice night, usually no cover) - Rooftop @ Hotel Gaansevoort in the Meat Market (9 ave & 15th st.): Real easy to pick up chicks here. Usually no cover. - Just hang out around the meat market after 11pm and do some scoping. Expect to see many models. (Beware most clubs here are ultra picky and won't let guys in alone...
Sorry to resurrect this old thread. This is starting to happen to me. I'm only in my 30's and I already have 5-6 permanent grey hairs. I used to pluck them and they would never come back. Now, I pluck them and they are growing back grey! Several google searches (on grey hair deficiency) came back indicating that a deficiency in vitamin B12 is a major cause. I'll definitely try the wheat grass though.
This is the watch I've had for 5 years. I got it for $125 on a price mistake (was supposed to be $725). It's a beautiful watch and it's held up wonderfully. I did buy some other stuff from that watch retailer afterwards since I felt guilty.
I remember my friend wearing one of the original doc martens way back in 1988. A lot of people were making fun of him since his shoes looked so clunky. Within two years they were hip and everyone was wearing them. Two years after that walmart was selling plasticy doc marten imitations for kids & babies! lol. By then, no one would be caught dead in them. My friend still had his pair, but refused to wear them out. I could see that easily happening to pocket...
I love the look of this pocket knife from Boker, It's the BK-2002 model. Anyone know the quality of Boker compared to Case or Spyderco?
I just saw that orvis carries a pair of boots made by Red Wing called the Cannon Valley Boot. It looks like the Gentlemen Traveler, except with a cap toe. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
I know this topic has been brought up before, but never with pictures! I took a photo of this sign from my tailor. Let me know the favorite length of your suit jacket from the photo:
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