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Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Terrible idea. You spent all your time accumulating a shit load of money just to waste it away sitting on your ass? So you burn through it and then what? go back to the working world with no cushion? Take a 3month leave of absence and live somewhere 2nd world - Croatia looks good. Not a bad idea either. What excuse could I give my job to take a 3 month leave of absence?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Have you been to Thailand? Living on $50k will last a while, but it wont be luxury. I've been to Phuket. It was pretty nice, but then again, I was staying in a hotel. No plans to finish the PhD, just need an excuse to write on the resume.
So I have 1 more year left to go in a contract. I'm making some good $$ & not spending any. If I play my cards right I should have a pile of cash by next year. Where would you guys go if you had about $50k in cash? I'd like someplace warm, cheap and maybe play a little golf. I also need some "excuse" to put on my resume for when the cash ran out. I'm thinking - rent an apt in Thailand for a year, live it up there, whilest remotely working on a PhD. Thereby I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I would have replied "My existence." lol - that might do the trick! Witty, but no offensive. Good luck!
six sigma it.
I have to give a high five to my irish friend who's now married to an african american girl. Looking forward to seeing their kids, they are going to be beautiful!
I have a six sigma black belt and I'm taking my PMP cert test this feb. I'd say go for the CAPM cert first since it builds a framework for running a project. Six Sigma optimizes & roots out problems with that project after it's built using the DMAIC structure. It just makes sense in that order. Incidentally, I learned the whole PM framework first, I just was never certified.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I had an interview today and asked the interviewer how long it would be until a decision is made. She said it "takes time," that I'm the first person they've interviewed, could be a week or several weeks. I can't take the waiting, it is seriously toxic. Did they ask you what your worst quality was?
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I at least hope you got that amount prorated. If I leave after 1 year, I only have to pay back 50%. But that's still $20k.
I recently got relocated by my company and the deal was that I'm on the hook for the relocation fees if I leave before 2 years. So I signed the contract & got relocated. I asked for estimates on the relocation amounts, but they said they wouldn't provide that. So months later I find out: 2 months of furnished apartment = $15k! Relocation Costs = $16k! Bonus = $9k The bonus I have no problem with the bonus, but 2 months of rent is $15k?? Also, I moved a bed, a...
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