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Banana Republic Tan Fishing Vest Has many pockets on the front of the vest for fishing gear. Has adjustable snaps on the sides. Size Large.
Two Banana Republic Corduroy Jackets for sale. The price is per jacket and includes shipping to CONUS. The first is a pleasing brown color in a cashmere blend. This is a jacket that goes great with jeans and adds a little warmth. It is a modern slim fit jacket with two buttons on the front. Has two front pockets and inside pockets on both sides. Fully lined in a shiny acetate blend material. I inspected the jacket closely and there isn't any stains, tears, or other...
Price drop
Hartmann 3" Height Belting Leather Combination Briefcase Great Condition. Everything works properly. Combination set to 7-1-7 and can be changed by owner only. Leather has nice aging effect to it. The only flaws are an ink stain on the pen holder, small cut / dent in front, and slightly worn corner. Photos of all flaws are here. Has been monogrammed "AC" on the side. $100 CONUS. SOLD
12 5/8" x 4 3/16"
Pair of Allen Edmonds Lambert Size 10E in the chili color. Only a little rounding of the sole. Major problem is the spill on the toe of the shoe, this seems to be a permanent mark on the shoe. This did not affect the leather in anyway, just the color. You could either change the color of these shoes entirely (i.e. make them black) or wear them as is. $50 CONUS.
I took & passed the exam!! 1) I used the Crowe book and took the quizzes at the end of the chapters. 2) I figured out some special "mind maps" to help me memorize the entire chart verbatim + the list of formulas. 3) I didn't memorize any of the inputs or outputs to the 42 processes. I did know which tools went with which processes. 4) Then I took the final exam twice and got a 95% on the 2nd try (mainly because I had already memorized most of the answers). 5)...
Anyone take the PMP exam? If so, which book did you find helped the most?
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor Good for them, so it's harder for you to bone them. Yes that makes perfect sense. I'm trying to bone them by buying something with money I have in my paypal acct.
I just tried to buy something from and my order got cancelled. The reason? insists that you must be verified in order to purchase something from them. Seriously, I have like $500 in paypal. Why is verification needed?
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