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The Euro is now 1.07!
For Sale is pairs of Brooks Brothers Hudson Fit Advantage Chinos in Size 36/30. These were almost never worn as they were backups to my normal outfits. I have inspected them all thoroughly and they have no loose stitching or stains. They smell fresh since they were just laundered and photo-ed. The colors are dark taupe, navy, British khaki and Khaki. They are $30 each with shipping to CONUS.
I did say netflix was going mid-200s awhile back. Dare I say higher now?!?
For sale is a new Banana Republic Silk Tie with original price tag on. Also, 6 new Banana Republic pocket squares. Price includes shipping.
I heard some rumors that best buy is going out of business this year. Their stock has been on a bit of an upward lift lately. Good time to short?
Just to clarify, I'm no stock analyst. But C was at 10x the current price just 5 years ago. Now that the housing bubble is over, Greek Euro, and Fiscal Cliff, etc. are over .... Shouldn't it be returning to its former glory??
I wish I owned a forum where people frittered thier days away.
Nope - Mainly because I have no idea what that is. Accountant seems like the way to go.
Well, tax season is here. I guess I'll start out the questions since I'm a knucklehead with taxes. In past years, I've done my own taxes with Turbotax and everything was pretty straight forward. In 2012, however, I ended up selling all of my employee stock purchase plan, stock options and restricted stock. I ended up making a nice sum of money. However, I've heard that its hard to do those taxes. Do you guys think I can still calculate my own taxes with Turbo Tax or...
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