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Writing is on the wall huh. Ah well. What positives are you taking from the season?
Yeah, I thought Gustafsson was about 1-2 fights away while Glover was about 3. There's enough depth there, especially since Henderson will be coming off injury soon. Wouldn't mind seeing Cormier drop down to LHW if his kidneys can handle it.
Jones has fought some high level wrestlers, none of which have taken him down. Will Sonnen??
Best season of TUF ever!!
AC you're absolutely right. I'm just saying that if he fought Jones he would lose. If he fought GSP he would win. He's down to fight one and not the other. Dana knows Silva would beat GSP and that's why he isn't as geeked to set it up as much as he'd like to do Silva/Jones. Dana just sees $$ signs sometimes. There are enough people in each division that you honestly don't need a "super fight".
I can see the future, the Yankees will be facing elimination in game 4 and will be down 8 to 0 entering the 8 inning, at that point ARod hits a HR.
A random guy on Yahoo says its there you have it. He's from Yahoo
Sorry, that would have been only a tying run, not a winning or go ahead run. The same way you can't assume a double play, you can't assume the Yankees would win.
How many takes do you think it took before someone told Chalky to cover his mouth if he felt he was going to laugh.
Plus one on that, she came out swinging. It looks like there will be a "fat Jimmy" replacement next episode.
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