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Hi All, I also got swept up in the Meermin hype and ordered the tassel brown (maron) loafers on the Ron last from the standard line and the Double Monks in Natur Calf on the Olfe last from the Linea Maestro. Received yesterday after close to a month from ordering and with shipment to Kuala Lumpur. I had to pay 10% customs duty for UPS to even release the shipment to me (200 malaysian rinngit). For reference, I have a pair of Crockett & Jones Tetbury boots on the 348 last...
Quote: Originally Posted by dappledown Vintage Datejust 1601 Circa 1969 On an Antique Brown Alligator Strap by My Bro Aaron. 1601/4 is one of my favorites. A bit too small for my fat wrists, but lovely nonetheless.
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Not as baller as your vintage MB but I love my vintage Parker "51" with a similar design minus the design royalty pedigree. 51 Looks great! I'm a big fan and I've been looking for a "flighter" version for a while. Also love the parker 50 Falcon.
Quote: Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 ^ tudor is lovely, and a great brand IMO. i agree that the 38mm is a very wearable size. i'd really like one of their old ND subs. to the guy who asked, no the explorer doesn't come with a date. to me it would spoil the beautiful simplicity of the dial. Thanks! I realize that I really can't wear anything beyond 42mm these days and my comfort zone is between a 38-40. I'm waiting for the prices on...
Quote: Originally Posted by luckyhands That's not true. Tudor's very respected Beautiful watch, wear it it good health! Thanks luckyhands! I'm in love so far. Been searching for a couple of years for this exact piece.
Finally was able to track down my reasonably priced grail watch - 1960's Tudor Date/Day 7019/4 with the slate gray face and white gold fluted bezel. I know Tudor doesn't get much respect in the WIS circles, however the Datejust at 36mm is just too small for me (I was looking for a slate gray piepan for a long time). This is the "Jumbo" tudor at 38mm and it has the same S/S case as the same era Rolex Milgauss. Came with an almost unworn vintage Rolex jubilee bracelet, but i...
I'm not a fan of modern day Montblancs, but probably purely for aesthetic reasons. On the other hand, I have a real affinity for accessories from the 60's and the MB's from that era I think are really fantastic. I've been using a Montblanc No. 14 for the past year as my daily writer/sketcher and I couldn't be happier. For design geeks, it has the added cache of being designed by Albrecht Graf Goertz, of BMW 507 fame. Stolen google image since I'm too lazy to take a...
In my top 3 favorite tv shows. I love Super Hans and his crack addiction. Can't wait for the new season. I d/l'ed all of the season thus far.
So I just google'd Selita - did Nick Cannon used to be with her?? Are you kidding me? He married Mariah and he had this before? *speechless*
Some amazing visuals and art direction. Use of color and set design was spectacular (love the interior of the sportscar). The Phoenix was ridiculously hot and that last track was a banger. Tough to sit through 30 minutes of it at once though. I am a Kanye fan for his production and beats although I always find his lyrics really weak. This is no exception to that.
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