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This isn't a thread about intelligence or careers, its about Kim in a bikini. We just happen to be talking about the inferiority of AH. And a bikini does not make a body,it wouldn't matter what AH was wearing she's still a pancake
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas People who drive BMWs are pampered pricks; performance wannabes who don't appreciate the classic nature of older designs and who are too willing to trade real driving excitement for MP3 hookups and moonrooves. I, on the other hand, am a real big-timer and driver's driver, which is why I drive this: You guys can keep your satellite radios and your air conditioning and your...
Some of the guys in this thread, and this forum in general make me LMFAO. I understand personal taste and all that, but facts are facts. Based on the ideal womans body KK smashes AH in unbelievable fashion. Some of you guys must have consistently been with some plain jane broads and your just used to it now. Oh and for gdl that bikini shot tells the whole story concerning rivermouths body, the ones you posted not so much.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson And aside from a few random bikini shots, she is a slammin hottie.
Give me this Over this any day of the week
The lameness of this thread is all consuming like a blackhole.
Quote: Originally Posted by MiddleClassDude It's ironic that most people who hate this season seem to dislike the 'alternate story'. Yet this one revealed a whole lot about it, and people just keep on hatin'. Whatevs though, I'm diggin this season completely. it doesnt deserve all the hate, but it could be better. the countdown begins, 5 ep left
^^^ in america the cops would have tazed that dude on the car in a heartbeat.
Quote: Originally Posted by fashion_newbie Brie wtf is going on here
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Haha knew it, I was like 'wow why do I like the costume design so much??' That movie is going to be awesome. Haha true story, I didn't want to sound lame, but when I first saw the preview I wanted one.
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