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LBeeezy, smashes on everybody.
you know your on SF too much when you hear docking fail the first thing that comes to mind is not a boat but something much much worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy sans makeup Sans makeup Okay iam done trolling
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why was the if the internet was real life threak killed. that metro comic was perfect for DT
Charisma and good looks get you in the door. Knowing how to play the game a.k.a manipulation, will make you succeed
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Daenerys seems a bit old... Excellent series. Awaiting the next one. (Hope Martin doesn't jordan out of us) There's is (for a fantasy series) a lot of character development. And it's quite an exciting read. iam not a fan of this dany, i think taylor momsen from gossip girls is a better fit image wise.
I love that series, and I anxiously await the release of A Dance With Dragons. Luckily for me I didnt start reading the series until all the current books had been released, because Martin is absolutely horrible at deadlines. Lots of fans of the series are praying he doesnt die before its completed. Some good news is HBO has greenlit production of A Game of Thrones. I wont lie Iam excited. I hope HBO does it right. Here is the cast. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files...
Don't get me wrong I would Fuck the shit outta ah but the simple fact remains, Kim has a better body. AH has no. Curves no ass, and decent tits. I don't give a Fuck who Kim fucked as long as she's clean I would smash
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