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Ive been in 3 attempted muggings, 2 of which involved multiple teenage attackers. In all 3 cases my situational awareness and not showing any fear, have kept me from actually getting mugged. Everyone who said hand over your stuff is correct. Especially since it sounds like the guy got the jump on you, but I bet if your awareness had been better you probably could have seen it coming and avoided it or escaped with your cash and phone. Its good your ok though. I recommend a...
I would rather not have this thread squirreled so lets stop with these pedo-antics you sick basement dwelling fucks. *girl in the black shorts in the pop lock and drop it vid could get the business, just saying
2x post
Would hate fuck
TED ideas worth spreading. I really enjoy this podcast
definitely not, theres only one kim
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson WUT? Kourtney Kardashian is a fucking dime. Yessir
wtf is a condom? raw-dog all day every day baby!
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek First, that level of engineering is beyond my pay grade (and I'm not even an EE). My comment was just a reflection of the fact that the way popsci puts it is very misleading and inaccurate imo (which is typical of popsci). The reason why it is so slow is because it's doing something it wasn't really designed to do, and it's doing it all in software. The simulation is a software program running on a computer with 140k...
Ronald was a G in this vid, that shit was funny
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