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Tekken ftw! Sub zero for MK
its his cousin, oh wow. who gives a shit. you act like he's some sort of delicate flower
Why do people keep saying the island was purgatory as well, when Christian clearly stated that e everything that happened was real. So no the island was not purgatory. Yes they time travelled and lived through a hydrogen bomb.
So is the flash sideways basically a self created purgatory created by the core members of the series so that all the losties can meet up before they go to heaven? If so then at what point did they create this, and since Christian said that they all have died at different times. Then who initially created this purgatory. Lost leaves you with more questions
Nowhere near the wire. I like Lost even though I feel like it kinda lead me on a dummy mission. You cant take Lost too seriously, I think thats why some fans are pissed. They took it too seriously and now their realizing that theres a good chance that things wont be explained. If you like to theorize, connect dots, and search through red herrings. Than you might like Lost. Just take it lightly.
threads getting off topic Stay out of the long grass!!
It really doesnt, but still made me laugh though.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson That's because Glee is badass. "write some original songs"
what happened to scarjos tits and ass? this is a sad day =(
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