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I would like to thank the mods for allowing me to come back. The abyss is a cold...cold place.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt squirreled the miscarriage thread because 1. he spelled celebrate wrong, proving that he is a moron and 2. that's just fucked up. Really. Lately I have really been wondering what is wrong with people here. I seriously don't get it. If the OP wants to call my friend Sharon, who miscarried a year ago, and cried for fucking months about it, and ask her if it is cause for celebration, then I will concede he has manned...
come on japan!
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint dude WTF Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba I read this post before watching and thought, "what could that be about?" dude...WTF!! Quote: Originally Posted by Matt ^what he said. Didn't see that coming.... definitely
"I'll do lines of her forehead while iam nuts deep in her" - Aldous Snow LOL
japan will beat germany in the finals it is known
What's a goon to goblin
Everyone doesn't have squeaky clean friends, he didn't make his friend shoot anybody, and was it even his friend who did the shooting? Yeah you shouldn't hang with people like that especially if you have vicks past, as it seems right now he was just at a party. Shit happens
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