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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol man, idk, we don't really talk about denim here. i can't imagine anywhere on this board where you could find information about denim and these brands in particular Yeah, I should have started a new thread :\\ Thanks for the help.
I'm looking to buy a pair of raw selvedge jeans. It'll be my first pair and I want to do the whole "wait 6 months before washing them" thing. The industry standard seems to be Nudie jeans, but I've been looking at getting a pair of Naked and Famous instead. Is there a reason why I would want to choose a brand other than N&F in this case?
Quote: Originally Posted by bma campus life dictates sweatpants when finals roll around. Nah man, you don't need to look slovenly. If the point of wearing sweats is the comfort, than what does it matter if they make your ass look good? Also, LOL @ asking for sweatpant suggestions that compliment your ass.
I have a blazer from H&M which I really enjoy. Quality is alright for where I use it (never to work). I think suits from either place will be fine for your purposes. I doubt they expect you to drop a grand on a suit for a summer internship. Despite what anyone here says, you can wear your black suit. Just don't wear a dark shirt with it, and you'll be fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by jbharris88 Is it just me or did the pictures disappear from this thread? I can't see them either.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilmann40 wow man, you seriously must have a small chest...i do not work out whatsoever, and i'm wearing that 38S...kinda wish it was a 36S tho to be that a solid suit? or is it like a pinstripe? you should PM me...i'm looking for a 36S if it's a pinstripe...cuz they didn't have that size available anywhere around here. but as for chicago, maybe check out Zara...from what I hear, their suits are pretty slim and...
Gotta do Japan, specifically Kyoto.
I'd suggest going to H&M and trying on the jacket and pants yourself. It's one thing to get someone to buy you a suit with measurements you give them, and another thing entirely to actually slip the jacket on and see how it fits. At the prices H&M charges, it's not a huge investment. So even if the quality isn't top-notch, it'll get the job done for prom.
Any idea what a decent MTM suit would cost from a place like Harry Rosen? Being in Edmonton, Canada, my choices are limited. I'm a slender guy, and I can get away with a 36R suit, but those are hard to come by (a 34R fits well, but those are even more rare). I know MTM would be an option, and I don't mind the wait time, but as a recent graduate, I don't want to be paying way more for a MTM than something off the rack. I know the price will vary greatly depending on...
Yeah you can save on the show tickets if you go to the Tix4Tonite booths which are scattered around the strip. They usually only sell same day tix, but occcasionally you can buy for the next day too. You won't necessarily save 50% but 30+% should be expected.
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