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Thanks, I guess others have had similar problems. Will email ssense.I actually wore the shoes as they came out the box and did not really adjust the tightness except for the top and they fit comfortably so I don't think that should be an excuse for the suede ripping.Did you guys have to pay for shipping for the return? I'm shipping internationally I would have preferred an exchange for a similar model.
I purchased a pair of the Achilles Low Suede in Grey from Ssense this past winter and I've only been wearing them for a few months (just walking no running around in them) and now and have a tear near the lace inlets. I bought CPs because they're known for their quality but this was pretty disappointing. Does anyone know how I should go about repairing/replacing these? Should I contact ssense? or common projects directly? I've sent the main common projects email address... Just got these "all white" mmm gats.... I thought it would be alot more white from the Yoox picture... but it's more beige/grey. Anyone else have the all whites? are they supposed to be more beige/greyish than full on white?
hey drew, for the bomber. i'm looking at the site and black calf wasn't listed as an option, would it be possible? or would it not drape properly due to the stiffness? has anyone else gotten a black calf bomber?
Charly does the #21 translate to a 46 with a half inch more sleeve length?
i'm in NYC for business for a few weeks and was wondering if anyone could tell me a good place to try/kop some CPs... a place with variety would be nice... Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Here are my Margiela high tops, in one of the greatest color ways ever (light blue and gray). +1 on the colorway... are these recurring??
In my search for anywhere that has the white gumsole lows in my size on google, stumbled upon these.... thought i found white achilles for <$60... until i realized they were fake... almost fooled me for a sec.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one ^ I got mine from thecorner... I hope they come out again later because I am raelly liking them and would be down to pick up another pair in a different color. The shape and feel is very good, IMO. hey dis, have you been shipping stuff straight to seoul from these sites? how bad are the customs charges? I've just been shipping stuff to the states and picking stuff up whenever I get a chance.
The way the 46 fits my body is fine right now... not too tight and not too loose and I like how it fits me with my arms hanging down. It's just a prob when i bring my arms up (making it hard to grab the hanging grips on the subway)... no problem with mobility when moving below chest level. Basically I can't do this ->( I prob just need higher arm holes. I'll let it settle a few days and see how it goes.
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