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Hugo Boss: Brand New, Unworn. Size: 36R Model: The Jam (slimmest model) Colour: The fabric is BLACK, even though it looks charcoal in a couple of the pictures. It also has a very nice texture as well, but it's hard to capture with the camera. Fabric: 85% Virgin Wool/35% polyester RETAIL: $805 (725+tax) My Price - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > $350 + shipping (this is a steal!)
Quote: Originally Posted by lawguy50 What is the width? 4 1/4 inch
for $100 (retail $225), they're pretty good. i mean...cheapass zara shoes cost more than that. Cole Haan does have a reputation of being a very comfortable, hard-wearing shoe.
new pics up
measuring from the side...the measurement from your shoulder to the bottom of the jacket, and the bottom of the jacket to the bottom of your pant "should" be the same. for me i like the jacket a couple inches shorter, but that's personal preference.
Quote: Originally Posted by chadler Hugo Boss makes fine suits. for their price, they're not a bad choice. Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl Don't get carried away!! Fine suits?? Nice cuts and decent fabrics that are over priced for what they are, stylish they are, but fine suits?? You may get some resistance to that train of thought in these parts!! by "fine" i meant "decent". as in, they're an ok...
Hugo Boss makes fine suits. for their price, they're not a bad choice. one thing that ppl should keep in mind, is that there is a "classic" suit and a "modern" suit. the majority of Harry Rosen clients want a classic look because of their line of work. it's not that it looks bad...that is how the suit was designed to look. if you go with a classic suit and want to alter it to look like a modern suit, they will not do that because you're changing the whole...
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