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@Mike can you take a look at my Taylor Pants question I sent to epaulet customer service. Thank you.
I contacted the great EDDIEMCZEE. I went with Welt Breast, Hipe Inset Flap Pockets w/ticket Pocket/Brown Horn Buttons/Unstructured Shoulder. Going to use it as a suit.
Ahh yeah. Already shipped cant wait to get these in my hands.
Can anyone recommend a good garment rack for hanging clothes? I would use it to hang clothes I wear during the week for work. Thank you.
Thanks guys. I wear a 10 in Epaulet Shoes so I would be a 42/43.
How does sizing work? You own any Epaulet footwear?
Yeah shouldnt have waited, got confused. By the time I realized it, tie was gone.
Nm sold. Damn.
@Greg is there a size difference between 1 and 2 for ties? Length?
So I have been lifting for a bit and gained about 20 lbs. Have you guys noticed that depending on the fabric, Walts fit differently in the same size? I usually wear a 32, the flannels fit better. Hopsacks are much tighter. I ask because I want to size up to 33 in Walts. @Mike I wear 33 in Taylor and Gables and the fit is great. Do you advise sizing up to 33 in Walts for Tropical Wool and Fresco? This is all in regards to the Southwick MTO. Considering getting a few suits....
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