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Eddie kicked my a$$, he did a better job.
How heavy is heavyweight flannel? 14oz-16oz? Sold, but good to know. Not sure if viable for SoCal weather. [[SPOILER]] Swatches so far that I could get a hold of: [[SPOILER]]
I have the Chocolate Birdseye, very nice, surprised they're still up.
Agreed. The Forest Hopsack, Two Town Grey Blue, Taupe Birdseye Flannel. Trying to get all the photos of the swatches.
Copper donegal? Damn I missed all of them so far.
Truq Donegal Tweed color looks a lot like Air Force Blue.
Navy Tartan Flannel. Scale of pattern would be helpful if possible. Damn already sold.
Thanks Mike. LA TRUNKSHOW!!!!!!!
How about an LA Trunkshow. We missed out on the NY stuff, MTO individualized shirts, in store offerings.
New Posts  All Forums: