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Try S. Paul. He's an SF member. I've purchased several sets. Buttons are pretty nice.http://www.styleforum.net/t/336134/buffalo-horn-suit-buttons/0_30
Stefano Bemer? Not sure if he's bespoke only.
Did Patrik/Gabriel reveal the new shoe brand they will be carrying?
Good question.
When you check out, you will not see a conversion rate, but it will most likely be better than PayPal.
Same here, was pissing me off. I had to manually just enter my CC as if I didnt have a PayPal account. I think I got PayPal's shitty conversion rate, I didnt see the option for CC conversion rate.Sending you a PM, just found it. Too late for me, already got raped.
Yes. If Enzo works out can be dangerous.
Curious to know if we beat the Bonafe MTO with G&G.
Those that paid with a credit card, please PM the rate you received. Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: