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Yes. Only a few retailers do good job.
Anyone have their Field Jackets ship yet? Anxiously waiting.
If it were Southwick prices I would have grabbed 3 sportcoats. Yeah that cranberry is amazing. Is it me or are these jackets shorter? Good thing it was MTO.
I am going with Forest Donegal, waiting on sizing advice. I want a few others, but can't swing it. Need to nail down fit anyway.
I kopped the loden. Get both, return one you don't like.
. Mike would Moleskin work for Los Angeles? These are going to go fast.
Anyone own a Southwick Sportcoat and Vittorio LBM Jacket? I think I know my sizing, but the measurements between Southwick and Vittorio LBM Jacket are much different in the shoulder for the same sizing.
PLEASE tell me 46R Euro sportcoats/suits will not be available.
Eidos Burgundy Field Jacket, Document Dark Navy Trousers, GRP Grey Shawl Sweater, Barbanera Gatsby U-CAP Brown Suede Wingtip Shoes
Can we get a top down view of the Chelsea please?
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