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@Mike do you have any Aero samples in Size 36 in the Hermosa store?
Probably will have to wait for the Rudy Rivet for me huh?
Brand new never worn Field Jacket. Size is Medium. I already own a few and am going to unload this for the price I paid. From Epaulet's Website: This particular model is crafted in 100% cotton "Scatter Camo" canvas. This 11 oz. variety packs some serious heft. Significantly heavier than our standard 8 oz. canvas, and even an edge over our 10 oz. duck canvas, this heavy-duty fabric has a thicker gauge, larger weave and overall tougher feel. It has a coarse hand at first,...
@Mike. The Combat Boots fit tighter in the toe box area than the Tennis Trainer. I wear a 43 in Tennis Trainers and the room is great. Will the Combat Boot in the leather open up a bit? Will the Suede Combat Boot be more forgiving?
Taylor or Rudy in indigo REDA ?
@Mike, Indigo REDA in Taylor or Rudy? This is the old Rudy shape right? Will this work well in Taylor? Thank you.
Brand new in box. Purchased from Skoaktiebolaget. Comes with dust bags. Please no lowballers. Uetam Last. Last shaped exclusively for loafers. It’s low on the instep and narrow fitting. Similar to the Simpson Last. Price includes shipping for US. International shipping will be additional depending on USPS estimate.
For those that had StC resoled with a personal last, can you please comment on the fit. Were the shoes wearable?
When I spoke to Mike last, he described the Jodhpurs as being like the Carmina Simpson last.
Makes sense. Shoulders are right on TS(S) Size 3 but chest is larger.
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