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Sold to a fellow SF member.
That's it. Switching to 100Mbit connection on laptop with SSD HDD.
Ugh I know, dealing with users here. Missed the Merino Wool with Side Tabs. I didnt even see it on the sale site it went so fast.
Measured with jacket laid flat. pit to pit = 19" shoulder = 17" length measurement (top of collar to bottom) = 30.5"
Just to be clear. We see it on IG, buy it from epauletnewyork website?
Selling an Eidos Napoli Sport Coat - Zegna (Wool Silk Linen) - 36R. Beautiful sport coat. Not making money off this, just to cover PayPal fees + S/H to buyer. I want this to go to someone who missed a chance to purchase from Bloomingdales. I will provide free shipping within CONUS.
Plum museum similar to G&G Vintage Rioja?
What size SC? NY Bloomies already received new Eidos collection.
Nick are the Eidos Suits 3 button or 3 roll 2?
Didnt think of it then. Ill ask my tailor for these. Thanks.
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