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I saw them in person, pretty nice.
Anyone have a photo of the Individualized Shirt with the Curved Cutaway Collar? Thanks.
Just of the fabrics, was in a rush. There was a photographer there, I'm sure Mike will post pix later. [[SPOILER]]
Yes he is very busy. Im sure he will get back to your email.
This is a steal. I would have kopped If I hadnt already purchased these.
Mike might do a quick EFF Shirt of left over fabric. Some time soon, wanna grab that too.
How long are current the EFF Shirts MTO staying open? I want to make sure of sizing from last round. and DAMN!!!! some of those came out insane.
We order the same size in the OLD and NEW cut of the Rivet Chinos correct?
What was the price for the green Donegal?
New Posts  All Forums: