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Nick do you know if Bloomingdales ordered any suits in Navy Fresco?
Its Mocha.
I have a pair of StC with PRET adjustment. If I wanted a personalized last now, how would that work? Meaning I would not need to be measured again correct?
From SIC TESS directly. Although it has been quite a while, this is old stock.
Yes, he orders fabric as needed. Not sure how well that will work if his business expands. I am going to use Alumo or SIC TESS fabric and supply it myself.
Update. I met with Andrew Toth, who has essentially taken over for Freddy V. (retired). Andrew trained with Freddy V. for one year and has the shirt patterns for Freddy's previous clients. He is located in West LA near Westwood Blvd. & W. Olympic Blvd. Andrew has access to Albini, Grandi & Rubinelli, Thomas Mason and TESTA fabrics. He is open to CMT, but you will need to speak with him regarding pricing and shirt minimums. For an upcharge Andrew can also do handmade...
Nick, I want the fit to be snug with no layering with the Field Coat/Jacket. I tried on a 46 and the sleeves are long and shoulders are almost there, a little big. Is the 44 only a bit smaller than the 46? I don't think anyone will carry 44, and would be available through MTO.
Damn. I tried on a 46 Field Coat and was a bit big on me. I wonder if the 44 would have worked. I know there are no measurements on it.
Shirt looks great. Better than I thought. Fit looks good too.
For sale is Epaulet by Gitman Bros Spring 2015 Ends for Friends - GSM63-300 Green Rhino Oxford. Cloth is very beefy. Size is Small and Button Down. Brand new and never worn. Price includes domestic PayPal fees and s/h.
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