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Dope. Thought that was mine for a second.
@Mike cant wait to see the videos on some of the fabrics.
@Mike do you know what size Denim Shirt I picked up from the TrunkShow? Was it a medium, I tried looking through the order but couldnt find the size. Otherwise, Ill look tonight when I get home.
For those that purchased the weekender bags, were they supposed to come with shoulder straps and dust bags?
Let me know if anyone wants to trade a Medium Camo Jacket for a Small. Thank you.
@Mike somelos sizing similar to New England and gitman?
Outlet store closed for now in the US? Anyone know how long the link is active for usually? Website says outlet store not available. I checked the new SuSu Retail Store in SF, pretty nice store. Entrance is hidden on Maiden Ln. Decent staff, was able to try on a sport coats and shirts in person.
850 Euros? Wonder if everything will be through the website now.
If anyone owns SuitSupply and Southwick and can quickly comment on sizing (i.e. sizing is similar?), specifically Havana (suitsupply) would be appreciated. I usually wear a 36, but gained some weight, so not sure on current sizing. Thank you.
If anyone has a received the Ends For Friends May 2016 Seasonal Fabrics - Olive Lightweight Tropical Wool Hunting Check Sport Coat (37R) w/matching pants in 33 please let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: