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Ugh I hate you.
Any photos of the Cedar Lavendar Check?
Persons needed for MTO: Qty. 6. More can join, does NOT have to be ONLY 6. Carmina U-Wing Shoes Midnight Blue Suede Rain Last w/Tomir Sole (contrast stitching) Will need 6 4 people to avoid MTO fees. Approximate cost is $391 USD (based on current exchange rates). Approximately $50 USD S/H for US customers. Order will be placed through SKOAK. Will provide more details once there are enough MTO buyers. DETAILS: Who handles the actual shipment of the shoes? Skoak Does...
That would be great. USA cut in 30 was too tight and USA 32 was too big. Italian OLD cut in 32 was perfect and Italian NEW cut in 32 tight in seat.
I think I've asked this before. The NEW Italian cut is tight in the seat area, the old cut was perfection for me. BUT, does anyone know if the USA fit has changed as well? If there is a NEW USA cut, wondering if it is similar to the OLD Italian cut.
Any photos from the MTO shirt event?
I wish I could have tried them on in person to be sure about sizing.
Anyone a 8.5UK in Carmina Rain & Inca lasts order the 9.5 in the Trainers/Sneakers?
Great. I ordered Cigar, Oxblood.
Did the Navy Shell look like the photos?
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