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Anyone order Moss Brown Check #55 shirt. Would like to see how it turned out.
So basically if Small in EPNY order XS in Gustin.
Awesome this is very helpful.
Wow all nice. Especially Navy. If only they were 43.5F.
Anyone kop any of the VASS?
Good to know. What's odd is I went with 42.5 G width on the U Last for a Chukka and fits me well.
Thanks guys. Yes sizing is from Calf to Calf. Basically trying to see if any of the Epaulet Vass shoes/boots will fit me.
Does anyone know if the F last size and Peter last size are the same? Meaning If I take 42.5 in F last would that translate to 42.5 on Peter last?
Assuming VASS 42.5 standard width. Are these on the F last?
Booo. Damn my feet.
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