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Calcioppoli green donegal is sold out. I have been trying to get that for ages.
No more B&M store in Los Angeles after SM store closes. There was no official announcement. I am sure Mike will chime in with the details.
DonRaphael is correct.HY old Italian(or EP Walt) = 32 for meHY USA = 30 for me
I was wondering the same thing. The old italian fit was perfect in 32 for me. I guess I will stick to 32 in the new italian as well.
Stopped by Epaulet Santa Monica today. Mike was gracious as always. Picked up some Walts and Wilshire Jeans in a sick grey denim. Tried on a bunch of stuff. Driggs are pretty sweet. Oh man too much good stuff.
I am usually on, but have been busy. I have a few buyers interested. The problem is that I have to place a minimum order of 12 garment bags at a time.
Thank you, greatly appreciated. Sounds like it could be the one.
I already contacted them. I was referred to Jodek.Is it a heavy cloth?Good to know. Hopefully someone here has the swatch book. Please PM if anyone has or can obtain it. I will return it to you.
Anyone know the exact fabric number for this Green Donegal cloth. I know caccioppolinapoli sells it. I was referred to Jodek. I believe the photo is from The Armoury in HK. [[SPOILER]]
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