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Anyone ever order a 44?
I guess I would take a Medium, not sure if Small was ever available.
Which EFF round was this from? Individualized MTO?
Ive read most of the thread and still had some questions. Any word on the RTW line? Anyone find a better payment method besides bank wire? I saw this in one of the posts: https://transferwise.com/.
Mike any word from Individualized Shirts MTO from the LA Trunkshow (August 20th)?
Anyone placing orders with Skoak before the price increase?
Thank you sir. I am trying to narrow down leathers and suede. Nubuck vs. Janus suedes, anyone have anything in the JAN suedes? I think the JAN suede is a bit hairy?
Does anyone have photos of the Buffalo leather swatches?
Exquisite. I have seen the chiseled, screwdriver and classic lasts in person. All very nice, prefer classic and chiseled. Is the Novello last elongated like the screwdriver last?
What do you guys think of this StC Model 646?
New Posts  All Forums: