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After you hit checkout, there should be a place for coupon code on right hand side.
Same here. I am sure there will be another one anyway.
Looking good brother.
I know a lot of great stuff was posted for EFF. I hope Mike will do another round this year.
Damn yo let me know if you need a broadband card next time.
@Mike sorry to keep bugging you. Southwick still have this fabric, I'd be all over it. I think videos of the one offs will help get a better larger picture of the fabric too. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guy. I just want to make sure its not itchy when wearing it. 3/8 lined is what i was looking at with soft shoulder. Although 36 is a bit snug on me, but shoulders are spot on. Its been 40's in the morning in Los Angeles lately.
Still undecided. Does Harris tweed need to be fully lined?
Wish there were more videos of the one offs, easier to imagine what SC would look like.
New Posts  All Forums: