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Seriously. Nothing yet on my end.
Thank you. Ill reach out to Marc.
Anyone purchase the Suede Bomber Jacket in Blue? Ive only seen it online at Saks, available anywhere else?
How is the drape for 8400? Very light weight?
@Mike is NE Shirts in small are snug, will Medium be much larger or just a tad?
Laguna is it a Linen? Please post fit pix if you can. Thank you.
Thank you. So if the shirt does not say Marcus then usually it is a dress shirt. These are some of my favorite shirts and remind me of my bespoke shirts in terms of quality and fit. I especially love the lighter cotton Marcus shirts in check patterns, the material is amazing.
@Antonio. I received Marcus Sport Shirt size 38 from Bloomies and Marcus Size 39 from Saks, both fit the same. Stanley Korshak Marcus should fit the same? Dress shirts are different sizing? You answered this before, but the sizing seems inconsistent.
@Mike Iron Olive Melange vs. Air Force Blue Wool. Both have grey casts, but still retain Olive and typical AF Blue color quality? Making sure both dont look to similar if that makes sense.
I love the Taylor. I think it will be my go to from now on. I take a 33 in Taylor and 33 in Walts as well now.
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