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Nick any idea where this is available?
I would like to know as well. Another SF member suggested sizing up to 33, 2 sizes seems kind of drastic.
Different factories.I would say similar weight. I have the chocolate birdseye and it not overly thick compared to Flannel/Tweeds.
Nice you grabbed two that were on my list. I had the opportunity to nab the Abraham Moon Turquoise Tweed, but waited too long.
You sir are a better man than I.
I think we need an Epaulet support group, hehehe.Most of the swatches [[SPOILER]]
You change your mind, hit me up. Dark Loden Flannel Abraham Moon Donegal Tweed Cream of Wheat Flannel Forest Hopsack
Let's finish this, need to get some work done. VBC Chocolate Little Check looks interesting but cant quite make it out.
Still looks like its available.
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