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Are the recessed metal toe taps added by SKOAKTIEBOLAGET or Carmina?
Apologize for the delay for those that have shown interest. I placed an order today for 12.
I got a busy signal for the Manhattan Store and constant rings for Brooklyn. It is like their Monday, might be busy, who knows. I just shot Matt an email about the FF Sport Coats.
U Last Chukka, ordered in G Width Oxblood. [[SPOILER]]
Sure, I can try to do it Monday.
I had mine made in U Last G Width. Fit is pretty good. It was an Oxblood Chukka. Looks sleek too.Ankle Boot looks amazing.
Thoughts on this please. Does this swatch look similar to Rob's SC FF? [[SPOILER]]
I remember there being issues with hatchgrain, is this similar to it? Yes love the Arran, not sure what pricing for these are nowadays.
Anyone know what kind of leather this is? Hatch grain? Pin Grain? [[SPOILER]]
Does anyone have it? How does it fit compared to the Southwick? Cost?
New Posts  All Forums: