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Good point Don. I remember trying on a Size 40 and it was snug. I usually take a Medium in Epaulet Shirts and 37 in SportCoats.
I believe you can return it because it is not a final sale item.
I'll try it on. Matera in small = 38 (48 EURO), which is sold out on Barneys. I didn't see many 36 (46) anywhere. Thanks Nick.
Anyone know if the Kimber loafers are in US or UK sizing on the Bloomies website? Also, does the Field Jacket fit similar to NMWA FJ? Thank you.
@Nick was the shirt sizing issue resolved? I should be able to buy a 39 from any retailer sport shirt or dress shirt and fit should be the same?
Agreed brother. I went from Walt 32 to Rudy 33 and Taylor 33. Mike helped me out with sizing.
@Mike. What time will you be having office hours?Those that transitioned from Walts to Rudys any advice in sizing? I wear 33 Walts now and even they are snug in the thighs and seat. Would you advise going to Rudy 33? Never tried Rudy fit before and not sure if thighs would be too large. Taylor 33 fit fine, but snug in the waist, which I can have taken out.
Especially when you gained muscle/weight and need to size up.
I was going to ask you about the Military Twill, workhorse fabric? How would you make it up?
Perfect, thank you Greg. I believe I put the right size 46 Euro, but I will double check tonight.
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