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Did anyone kop this? Not sure how this will make up.
Wonder if Epaulet can run a special MTO on this.
Great. Keep the beard. My wife saw the photo and she approved of the beard.
Cant wait until the collection arrives in Century City at Bloomies.Btw Nick, is this you? If so, welcome to the bearded brotherhood.
+1. Really nice SC. Love the shoes.
I love StC Burgundy Austerity Brogue as well.
Are the recessed metal toe taps added by SKOAKTIEBOLAGET or Carmina?
Apologize for the delay for those that have shown interest. I placed an order today for 12.
I got a busy signal for the Manhattan Store and constant rings for Brooklyn. It is like their Monday, might be busy, who knows. I just shot Matt an email about the FF Sport Coats.
U Last Chukka, ordered in G Width Oxblood. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: