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I think because of Leffot's Button Boots were Blake Constructed Soles. I just specified it to be safe.
I went with Button Boots. Similar to picture below in styling. Last 946 Hidro Moka Suede Dark Brown Museum for Bottom Red liner Hand Welted Brogueing Medallion (same as below) Millerighe rubber Sole On the 2102B last, a bit hard to fit because it has a high instep.
Post pix please.
Welcome brother. Story of many here.
5 eyelet.
No. But man this shoe is insane. I think Patrick and Gabriel are sick of me.
Made the correction, there is a 25% deposit.
Style 3842. Not sure of the last. [[SPOILER]] Style 3890 [[SPOILER]]
They are available at Bloomingdales. Try New York or SF Bloomies. PM for Sales Associate info.
Price lowered due to the strong dollar. Hopefully we'll get the Qty. needed.
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