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I've been bitten by Chihuahuas more than any other dog. I fucking hate those barking rats.
Maybe you and I define bottom differently, but I'm pretty sure that the bottom is the side without the fuse, no?
Link, motherfuckers!
I'm sorry to hear about your brother, Piob. It's not worth any more than a prayer, but I wish all the best to him, and to you too.
Honest question lefty- do you disagree? I've had almost exclusively positive interactions with pit bulls. They've been sweet, intelligent, fun, sturdy dogs in my experience. That said, it's accepted that they have a significantly greater than average incidence of dog aggression, and a somewhat higher incidence of human aggression, no?
House parties are great if you've got a solid group of tightly knit people who are all chill and can help hold the fort (at least 20 who will consistently show up). It allows you to let them get big without there being too many degrees of separation and people losing accountability. We did it last year with less than $200 worth of shit that was broken, and these weren't small parties. It also cuts down your booze costs if your friends aren't pieces of shit and the guest...
Got a call from the po letting me know that they found my wallet and everything was in it.
My wallet is missing, my friends got retardedly drunk last night and one scared the piss out of me (almost ended up in the hospital), smoking hot french girl is pissed off at me (c'est la vie, eh?), I'm missing the ex a lot, and feeling generally lost at the moment. I'm sure it'll all pass soon, but right now life is looking fairly intimidating.
It's normally based on mephedrone, MDPV, or methylone. All of those compounds should give a false positive for methamphetamine in a basic test. Assuming that the investigators can access wikipedia, they would instead look specifically for those substances. Seeing as he didn't even show up for just amphetamines, it's unlikely that he was on bath salts.
Gym trainer or a boxing coach?I'm not a big speed bag guy, but I enjoy the heavy bag. Strikes are all well and good, but you can't forget your footwork (strike angles, moving in and out of range), body/head movement, and keeping your hands up.Outside of that, work your combos, make sure to change elevations, and pretend like the bag is an actual opponent.
New Posts  All Forums: