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Is their a "manual" on how to measure a suit? I am interested but am not sure how you came up with your measurements. Thank you.
For the Corthay pair, are the shoe trees included? Can you post a picture of the soles? Thank you.
If I may ask, how much do the norwegian constructed wholecuts cost? Thank you.
quick question: Did Vass mount the metal toe caps or did you have it done somewhere else? Thank you.
I ended up visiting the Edward Green and John Lobb factory store in Northampton and the Vass store in Budapest. The lady (Sandra) I was supposed to meet at EG was sick that day so I ended up being hosted by the engineering manager. He unfortunately had very limited time/patience and their stock was low so I left empty handed. Although John Lobb had quite a bit of stock, I didnt find anything I really liked. My visit to the Vass store in Budapest was more fruitful. ...
Does anybody have pictures of Vass shoes with a natural sole edge? I am thinking about doing it on a pair of cognac/tan colored U-last boots. Thank you!
by the way, seconds are 360 pounds and firsts are 420 pounds at EG factory now
I was going to look for a EG newbury on 888 last or a banbury boot on 888 last. What models at Lobb are comparable as it sounds like you better know what you are looking for when you visit the factory stores?
Is it possible to visit the Gaziano & Girling factory? Do you have to set up an appointment?
So I got my ticket to Budapest. It will be a short trip (about 24 hours total) but hopefully worth it Are there any other (shoe) stores worth a visit? Any restaurant recommendations? Have people always set up an appointment with Edward Green by phone or can you do it by email and if so, does anybody have the email address? Next week should be exciting/expensive week of shoe shopping. Thank you for your all your help
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