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^ Thanks for the tip i will do my best next time.
^ the light is for a lot. It is dark navy but not that much with natural light though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Noice shoos. Not with that suit, but still Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts +100 on the shoes! I understand the rule but love the contrast fact it's my fav rule to break...amongst others Thanks, That's why I didn't post in CBD WAYWRN. But you know rules are depending on culture. It is very Italian to wear tan shoes with navy suit and I live 29 miles...
It's been a while.
Many thanks ManofKent
This morning I thought it was spring...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast fullb's dark, clean, and enveloping suit with dazzling spots of white from shirt, square and tie truly calls to mind a clear night sky. It absolutely wouldn't have worked if it were a 2pc suit, because you need the extra darkness of the waistcoat to create the night-time effect. And whether deliberate or happy accident, the tapering angle of the square in the pocket echoes the tapering tail of the comet or shooting...
Friday Challenge A spring night
Quote: Originally Posted by stamp0102 Candy White VW R32 Sorry I just have A3 120 TDi black phantom.
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