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Just to let you know AS will organise a trunk show in Paris next week for the first time ever. Some pictures will come after the show.
Many thanks.Nope this work was a kind of personal challenge in a complicated time of my life.I did it and I am very proud and happy to have done it but to be honest the result is not as good as it looks.I think it is very difficult to do a great job in shoe making and it is so long to learn all the different part of the process. If I could have take some lessons maybe I would have try to make another pair.So for the moment I put it on stand by and will see in few years.
Thank you again for nice comments and interest. Yes I made a pair of shoes, a belt a bag and a wallet you find some details on this thread : I also made a shoe care valet box which I will post some pictures soon.
Just do it, you need a bit of time and lots of will and thats it.It is an idea but tough to set-upI bought it but it is not exactly what I wanted. Actually it was impossible to find the same kind in solid brass.I think it is a good idea and keep the box to keep extra shoes (As I do for the rest of the collection)
Thanks, but you are right that was the plan but I think I became lazy.
Thank you very much guys.By the way what "OP" means ?
At least 7000 $ just for the skins.
Thank you, no, unless they have no heels. I made it to have the heels going behind the back rail so that keep shoes in position.
Thank you for nice comments for more details of the trunk please follow :
Here is my new realization. I really like trunks, and I especially like the work of Ephtée, but its products are as beautiful as they are clearly out of my budget. So I decided to do it myself. After making my plans, I spent a day with the purchase of supplies (wood, fabric, hardware, glue and a few tools that I needed). It took me two days of work, the first day was devoted to the manufacture of the structure, cutting the angle braces. The Second day was for making the...
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