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The moore is now part of the Exclusive range. When I ordered them this model was not part of any range. So it is a full MTO with HG finish. IMO this model suit very well the 106 last which is quiet pointy . Anyway I love them and they are now so comfortable to wear. I think the leather (a special very old stock they received when I ordered them - lucky me) is for a lot. The photo was taken last week and I probably worn this shoes about 25 times since I get them -...
AS MTO - Moore on last 106 Home made leather belt Italian leather gloves
In a few days, I am on it.
Sure Spoo just invite me home
Thank you. From left to right. Loding Mick - personal patina Grenson Dartmouth - personal patina Alfred Sargent MTO Max Estin (From Nice) - personal patina Alfred Sargent MTO Alfred Sargent unknown model. Photo description. Camera: Olympus E-PL1 ISO: 200 Aperture: f/7,1 Shutter speed: 1/4th Focal length: 25mm
Thanks, because they are on an old trunk and the wooden bars and nails don't make a flat ground.
My little brown collection
Thank you very much guys.It is an idea but I wanted to have a very light structure inside with this bars you just see the shoes "floating" in the cabinet. Wood slats would make it much heavier but it is just a question of taste.
They don't fall apart, they are just not wearable. The leather is way too soft and I made a mistake on the pattern so I have a little space on the side at the bottom of each tong. But anyway even if they would have been wearable I would not have just because I want to keep them as a souvenir. I know it sounds a bit weird but I am a kind of fetishist.
Thank you very much.My answer is here :
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