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Yes sure,1st : Universal Shoe Polish Cream this one is from Saphir but you can find from other brand (like Grison). Just a very few, the saphir is good because it doesn't leave white traces.2nd :Shoe Polish creme Surfine this one is from Grison - saphir is good also, just depend on the colour you want to use - I have at least 4 different brown for this pair of shoes and I alternate them on every polishing session that will give the natural patina. I use an old (soft)...
Here is the link for the video :
Here it is : for the delay and the blur on the first half.
ThanksI do also use the Universal Shoe Polish Cream from Saphir but not every time once on three.Hope I understood well what conditioner means
Everything I need to care my shoes : The result is here:
It's been a while [[SPOILER]]
No I received this shoes November last year. I worn them about 25 times since. I took this picture last week. Am I more understandable?
So am I but it has to be in MTO.Here is an other picture (not as nice) where we can see the last better.
Those are not mine it was the Bourne. Probably the best model to see well the 106 last.
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