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Quote: Originally Posted by Chips Wow. I like the color of the reverse side of the belt and inside the wallet. It certainly looks like you've had a lot of practice. Thank you, but that was my first experience too. The inside of the bag has the same color Quote: Was the leather you used hard to source? Not so much i found through a French web site, i had a lot of phone call exchange with the company and the send me few...
Thanks to all of you for your very kind comments. I confirm it is really my first pair and i learned it all by myself (i had few exchange and advices from cobblers and professional shoemakers but not any tuition and lots of informations from the French forum I made as well few leather goods with the extra leather i had. A mail bag and a belt And a wallet
Quote: Originally Posted by Infrasonic Fantastic..Bit of Corthay influence on the design? Thank you. Yes indeed, actually my influence was a mix in between Corthay Arca and Prince of Wales Derby from Dimitri Gomez and G&G for the sole
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Just quickly - how long did they take you to make? About 100 hours all together (with the last)
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle That is top notch! Any chance of an English translation? Looks like an interesting read! Yes you have the google translation tool on the top right side. It is not perfect but its better than nothing.
Hello there, I would like to present my passion, my hobby. I always liked shoes and i recently decided to make myself my own pair of bespoke shoes. I didn't follow any class, i have just spend hours on the web to find informations. I bought tools and leather and i made the job. This is the final result of my first pair and i already plan to make an other one. If you are interested in seeing all the process you can have a look on my blog, on the link below. It...
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