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Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 How did you create the last, or did you buy a last that you knew fit you well? I bought the last on ebay it is supposed to be my size, considering all the measurement they should fit perfectly but i need to make a trying shoes first to be sure. If not i will make some modifications.
Sorry. And your translation was not idiotic.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol I noticed that you made one pair of shoes (???) on the same last. That was (well advised???), and I admire your patience to better assure a success. No the pair of shoes i made was on an other last. This is a new last and will make a new "slipper" (i don't know how to call it) or trying shoes?? for this last with this design. This is just the very beginning. But i will keep posting step by...
I really want to thank you all for your comments. So i am very glad to present as a preview the very beginning of my next adventure. New last, new style.
To watch the video with better quality And click on the shoes. To watch an exceptional shirt ironing skill click on the shirt.
So my adventure in do it yourself handmade started few month ago but not with shoes. I wanted something to tidy up my shoes. I always liked the trunks from the beginning of the 20th century, so that was my inspiration. The base is wooden made, the outside is synthetic leather (that was far too expensive to use leather to cover it all and i didn't want to spoiled it for a first try) and solid brass. It is 47,24" tall, 29,52" wide and 13,78" deep, i can tidy up...
Thanks a lot for all the kind comments And thanks a lot to do it in French. I am very pleased to hearing from such welcoming people.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlaneurNYC I echo the general "Awesome job!" sentiment. How did you sew all this? Do you have an industrial sewing machine or a special machine? Or is it all done by hand? The upper was sew with a traditional sewing machine and it was a bit tough. The welted and the sole was made by hand this is a video of the making of the welted IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By...
Quote: Originally Posted by rwjones What kind of equipment did you need to buy? And do you remember how much it all cost? Did you buy it new or used? There is an article dedicated to the tools you need on the blog. I mainly bought used tool on ebay. For tools on French ebay there is a link on the blog. For US and UK ebay type cobbler tools in the search window, you will find many.
Quote: Originally Posted by Butterfly Stunning, splendid work, my compliments. Did you make wooden lasts? Thank you No i used a pair of wooden last but there were too small so make them exactly fitting to my feet shape i covered them with layers of cork and i shaped them. So it is really bespoke.
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