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Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Yes, that is a water pump, my wife have one similar for make up. The liquid is just water, if you read the text in Japanese. Do you know where did she get it i could be interested to have one?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball fullb, What color are you in mind for the next project? Could you sell me 1/4 of the skin, so that we can share the cost? $250 for a skin is very expensive. How large is it? the normal calf should be arround 10-15 sq. ft. isn't it? No the price of the skin is about 170$ for 21 sq. ft.(250$ is the total price for all the different parts of the shoes) I still don't know about the colour. I have to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Fullb, Shoefan answer it at last thread already Thank you very much Fishball i didn't get that.
Congratulations your work is awesome. Just a technical question what kind of tool do you use to make the little holes?
You should have look here Very good quality, can be classical or funky good value large range of choice. Shop in London.
On the LV Damier Graphite line the brass is always silver. Apparently it is not on your picture and it should look like this. Image source I would say i am 99,99% sure it is a fake.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Wow it really is a labour of love. Yes but the challenge for me was to do and to understand the process, i didn't really care about the result. After the first try i was pretty satisfy with the result, that's why i keep going and because now i am sure about the work i will be able to make.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 How many hours did this take? About 100 hours but that was my first pair so i was learning as the same time as i was doing. For the next one i plan to do it in about 70 hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol How much, all in, did tools and materials for one pair of shoes cost, if you don't mind sharing? About 300$ 150 for leather (upper, sole...), glue, nails, screw, cork... (but i made a bag, a belt and a wallet with the extra) 150 for all the tools. For the next adventure it will be about 250$ for the leather I will take a much better leather i found the tannery who provide John Lobb for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by chewy I've been inspired all day since I first saw this this morning before going to work. I really want to do this. You just have to try and lucky you i think you should find enough informations on my blog (articles and links) to know in which direction you have to work. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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