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My little collection
Thank you. I love shoes so I care them and I am probably a bit maniac you can find some more photography of my collection here: Click ->
From left to rightLoding Mick personal patina, Grenson Dartmouth personal patina, Alfred Sargent MTO, Max Estein (Local shoemaker), Alfred Sargent MTO Adelaide last 106, Alfred Sargent unknown model.Glad if that can help.
Is it a full MTO with a new pattern design or did you start from an existing model?Very good choice and I am really looking forward the seeing the final result because I would like something similar.I don't think I have posted mine in here
You can click on this link : EGP1 Project. It is a google translation but I think it will stay understandable. There you will have the story and you will find photos of each model.
Yes they are, thank you The boots were the first made for the french forum Engrandepompe limited edition project. But the pattern is a bit different and exclusive for this project.Here is a picture of the final result.
Sorry to jump into the subject but just to let you see the AS MTO possibilities From left to right AS Moore on last 106 - antique chestnut - Handgrade finish AS Limited Edition EGP1 on last AS53 - antique Oak/Brown Pin Grain - Exclusive finish AS Blake on last AS53 - antique black - Handgrade finish I love them all and they rock
Thank you for your nice comment.
My new AS Handgrade model Blake Last AS 53 Size 6F
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