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After three years and many wear, average once every two weeks, and lots of shinning sessions they still look pretty sharp Moore MTO on 106 last chestnut calf. I am very happy with the fitting and the leather quality.
ThanksYou are right they had about 20 polishing sessions with blue wax and blue polish before having this kind of shine
Thank you, yes I did.
Mine are not as nice as the St Crispins but still pretty nice. Old Grenson Trent.
Thank you.
Hello guys I am back with a DITY I had an old pair of Alfred Sargent brogues bought on the bay for few penny. They had a probleme that I was aware about when I purchased them, the heel was too low so I didn't wear them so much. So I decided to change the leather sole for a Denaite type. To have a perfect result I needed the help of a professional cobbler so I asked my friend Max (Max Estein in Nice) to do the sewing of the welt and the polishing of the edge. Here is the...
I never used alcohol or acetone on this shoes.The cap toe didn't bleached at all from the original it is just the contrast and probably the light at the time of the picture that make this feeling.I have used about 6 different brown polish cream from very clear to very dark.- Saphir : 30 Bronzed Brown - 34 Havane - 32 Boar Brown - 05 Dark Brown- Grison : 03 Medium Brown - 18 Nevada Rich BrownThe trick is to apply new cream colour on the shine cap toe and then to brush and...
I do
Thank you all.The base leather was really great regarding colour and quality. I have polished them regularly with different safir cream colour. This is just the result after about 2 years of regular maintenance. I can say I like the result and I love to wear them.
AS Moore MTO. Time patina
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