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Jesus dude, what's the cause for the hostility? I really don't know that much about this forum or the people who post here, so I'll only defend myself from that pretentious attack. Firstly, I'm 22. Secondly, I don't really give a shit about conformity, just want to fill up my closet space a little more as I generally wear the same shit and past girlfriends didn't like it. I have always liked the leather jacket look, what color do you think would work best with my physical...
What's a WAYWT thread?
I love these jeans. Have a pair in Stone or whatever the color is called, basically classic. Usually wear them with dark brown Wallabees and a striped oxford of some kind.
Yeah, good point. I have a few blazers but want something a little more unique, and specifically to replace my fleece jacket for everyday wear which seems like I'm underdressing with at bars and dinners nowadays. Maybe a peacoat? Suede leather jacket? Really not well versed in clothes so trying to gather suggestions.
Hey, would you be interested in just selling it? Also, I would need the waist let out to 32 or possibly 33. Is there enough fabric?
Thanks, those are really good questions. I want something pretty universal for casual wear, from classes to the bar. I would not wear it with suits or to work. I haven't set a budget yet.
Hey everyone. I have decided it's about time to grow up and start transforming my wardrobe to look a little more professional. I am a senior and still dressing the fratty way, i.e. fleece jackets in this specific circumstance. I have light white skin, 38-39 chest, 5'11". What do you think would be a good jacket/coat?
Thanks a lot, helpful answers. So what about the best knot to use with the tie? I.e. with BB's "Non-Iron Pinpoint Button-Down Slim Fit Dress Shirt" and a traditional 2 piece 2 button suit.
Hi, I have a few questions about a Hermes tie I was given for Christmas. 1) Authenticity? 2) Approximate Value? 3) It seems thinner than most of the Brooks Brothers ties I wear (it's exactly 3.5" at the widest point, but quickly becomes thin on its way up (56" long). Why is this? 4) Do you think this would be an appropriate tie for interviews? I usually wear simple regimental stripe ties. Thanks a lot!
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