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Very interested in 15.5-32 ESF!
Can't tell if serious haha.
Selling a few shirts y'all! BB Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Non-Iron 15-32 White Point Collar shirt for $40: BB Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Non-Iron 15-32 Light Blue OCBD: BB Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Non-Iron 15-32 Light Yellow OCBD:
Thanks. I'm going to try ModernTailor first.
Awesome post! Thanks. I actually just gave away all my clothes to commit myself to this process, so I have to buy some clothes, and should probably get them shipped overnight, otherwise I'm just going to be naked forever. At least that meets the first two rules: slim fitting and timeless.
Wow those are nice. How's the quality?
Awesome, thanks. What are some other forums I should check out? I've been looking at MFA on reddit but it doesn't look like you can buy & sell there.
I'm sure you are already pissed the fuck off that I dare ask for newbie help, but let me make a more specific request. If you were to isolate the three most important pieces of advice for men's fashion, what would they be? It seems like #1 is that clothes should fit, #2 might be to focus on timeless style rather than fads, but I haven't gathered the other big ones. Furthermore, how should I be finding good deals? I simply cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on...
Hey, what's the stomach region/waist measurement on the jacket?
sorry, wrong forum
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