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Wow. Thanks for all the great advice so far! Unfortunately, the office attire is dress pants, button up, and tie. I bought some standalone wool dress pants so that I'm not ruining my suits. I'll certainly try to get that policy changed. In the meantime, could anyone help me with my specific tie problem? I'm really looking for specific thoughts on my current ties as well as specific colors and patterns that could look good with my clothes now.
I have no doubt that there are all kinds of these posts, and I'm very aware of the Styleforum 101 posts which are quite fantastic, but there's nothing quite as good as collective advice! So your thoughts would be very much appreciated. Here's the scoop: I just started working in an office environment with suits sans jackets and other accessories. I bought a bunch of stuff but would really like to step up my game (and at least have all the essentials covered). This album...
Hey all, thanks for popping in here. I bought my first suit last year during a BB semi-annual sale. Paid about $600 after all the tailoring and everything for a Navy Blue 1818 Fitzgerald. It's awesome and has served me very well so far. Looking to expand the collection with another staple before I move to crazier stuff. This time a gray/charcoal. Looking at Indochino as an option. So, feel free to offer any comments you'd like, and I also have three specific...
Two part question: 1) Do you guys generally buy more than 1 pair of pants for your suits? Seeming to me like a good idea. 2) I only own one suit so far, a BB Navy Fitzgerland. Purchased about a year ago. Do you think it's possible to find matching pants? Contacted BB and they said that there may be a slight color mismatch if I tried to order individually from them. Any other ideas if another pair of matching pants doesn't work for me?
I own one navy suit and black oxfords and belt. Someone told me my belt sucked. Could someone please link me to a nice dress belt (aka STAPLE) that will look like it cost more than $50 but less than $500? If you want to go all out, I'm also considering getting brown oxfords and a brown belt and would appreciate tips on that belt (definitely going to get either Allen-Edmonds or Aldends) and I also have a charcoal suit on my radar.
Yeah, for sure. Never heard of one of those brands before though, so thanks. Any others?
I don't. Wow, that white/blue looks like it will be perfect. Thanks for the suggestion and any others!
Thanks. Any reason to focus on preppy ties?
Okay, hit me up with a better belt. I had just taken off my suit jacket and loosened my tie in that pic, btw.
I have light skin and strawberry blondish hair and I generally wear a navy or charcoal suit. Here's a recent pic: I own about 10 ties, but don't really love any of them. Would be nice to have 3 or 4 that are awesome. I've done a little research (i.e. here and here) but remain relatively clueless. My budget is loosely defined, maybe up to $300 for new ties, but I buy most of my clothes on eBay to get a good value on expensive/quality...
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