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Do you think the difference between a 38R and 39R is noticeable in appearance? My thing is that 38R is very form fitting now, so it seems to me that there is no room at all to "fill it out", so that when I do fill it out, I'll have to toss out something that cost me ~$700+, whereas a 39R is doable, while giving room to fill out. Does that make sense?
Thanks. That is really solid advice. So I kind of gather that you think a 39R would look about the same as a 38R does now, and give a little room for filling out, so is probably the better buy in this specific instance?
Great advice. Thanks. I do need to buy another and will probably need to get up to 3 shortly after due to a new job. Getting back into the gym routine is pretty easy for me so I'm confident I'll add ~10lbs of muscle over a year. It would definitely make it easier to make a purchase decision knowing whether it's likely that adding ~10lbs of muscle to the upper body would make a well-tailored suit TOO small, and if that's the case, whether that is tailorable.
Hello, I'm thinking about making my second suit purchase after owning one for a couple years. Now seems like a good time given BB's semi-annual sale. However, I'm worried about buying one that fits very well now and then growing out of it. I'm 24, 5'10", and about 158lbs. I haven't been to the gym for about a year (but eat extremely well and am active in general) and was 170lbs a year ago, which I think I'll get back to when I start hitting the gym again and with a goal to...
Do any of these tie/shirt combinations work for the pink shirt? Here is the item page for the shirt:,default,pd.html?dwvar_ME00964_Color=ORLT&contentpos=39&cgid=0203. Looks like they advocate burgundy.
Thanks a lot. That is so helpful. Do you think a pattern or a solid burgundy tie would be better for the pink shirt? Examples of solid ties I'm considering:,24&optionValueIds=14 and,24&optionValueIds=
Hm. I would say that my go-to pant colors are navy, grey/charcoal, and black. Thank you very much.
Thank you for thinking of that. Nobody at my office wears jackets when not in external meetings. Would prefer not to wear ties without a jacket, but it is required. When wearing a suit, it is generally charcoal or navy.
Here are the dress shirts I regularly wear: I have a small collection of ties, but am pretty bad at matching. In particular, I have no freaking clue what ties to wear with the bottom middle two dress shirts. Would anyone provide specific suggestions for those shirts? I've read some pretty good general guides here and elsewhere, and remain open to those suggestions as well. Thank you very much.
Okay, we have all agreed that I will not wear bowties nor will I try to change the policy of ties sans jackets too soon but maybe someday in the future after establishing credibility. Anyone have thoughts on a specific tie that will definitely look good? For instance, a navy blue knit tie has been proposed. What else? Thanks! Also, jackets/sportcoats are out of the question from what I can tell. Maybe in the winter or with client meetings.
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