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I think I could use back darts. The shirt almost hugs my belly, but theres 2" inches of room in the back that can be pinched off easily.. Im afraid to do it through.
Quick Question - Which collar heights work best here? President http://i.imgur.com/ZaCyZyPh.jpg English http://i.imgur.com/CNsTfLnh.jpg
Hi guys, here is a new Sienna suit. More pics http://i.imgur.com/Z4pWgA3h.jpg & http://i.imgur.com/tr6PKTOh.jpg I've got some pulling in the back, maybe sleeve length adjusted, and also tweaking the pants. Does this look OK? Which collar height is preferrable? Shirt 1 http://i.imgur.com/ZaCyZyPh.jpg Shirt 2 http://i.imgur.com/CNsTfLnh.jpg
Yeah. If enough people complain maybe we'll get a armpit hole option.
Was advised against going with the square shoulder, because it'll make the armpit tighter. FYI, I've had some armpit issues in the past that were resolved by adding the sloping shoulder and increasing the arm.
Asking now...
What exactly does the square shoulder adjustment do? Basically, my 2nd button leads to pull lines pointing upward to the shoulder. Increasing the chest size fixes it, but also makes it even more baggy. Im currently running the sloping shoulder (as a hack to increase armhole size). If I switch to square shoulder I wonder how itll affect armhole?
Why not just slim the midsection? Darts can be tricky best handled by the tailor I think.
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