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I'm currently using sloping shoulder, because it adds room to the tiny armholes. Perhaps I can try without it. PC lacks the ability to customize armholes I think I'm out of luck. I've enlarged the chest/arms/yoke/beck back all larger than I'd like and still have problems.
Is it 'normal' to get pull lines on the second button when the top button is undone? [because the top button isn't anchoring everything together]. It seems that no matter how large i make the chest, or yoke it still happens. I'm wondering id anyone had similar issue: Here is an example: http://i.imgur.com/NeHXUPtt.jpg
Yes! Ha...
Here is a picture that demonstrates the difference between the Colorodo BD and the President spread and how they cover the middle of the neck. President Colorodo So I'm wondering if I should shorten the Colorodo collar, or lower the button to get some breathing air? Here's a pic of the neck back which is probably not necessary since the collar roll is there regardless.
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Yeah, neckback due to bulge behind neck when top button is done. I can un-do it if I dont plan on buttoning the top. I read on PC that unbuttoned collars look better .25 shorter than the buttoned up shirt profile.
Hey guys, I've switched from a president spread to a Colorado button-down. The button down seems to lay differently on the beck... as if it wants to conform to the shape of the neck rather than spread away from it. For some reason it feels like the collar is too big when in button-down mode. Should I shorten the caller for the next run?. I don't plan on buttoning the top one. Pics http://imgur.com/a/avNZG
Anyone else find the colorodo BD a bit 'closed up' with the standard button placement and neck button undone? I've found myself looking to lower the button, (or raising the button and keeping the 2nd undone). What's preferable for guys who guy tieless?
Did anyone find the 'sloping shoulder' option to be an effective way to increase armhole size? PC says it does, but im wondering if anyone has direct experience with this. Or two shirts they can compare...
New Posts  All Forums: