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Err, go up .50 on the cuff, then move the button once it arrives.
Err, go up .50 on the cuff, then move the button once it arrives.
Anyone have trouble with shirts too tight right below the elbow? Since this isn't an area that can be expanded directly, how did y'all fix it? Ok wondering if I should go up like .50 then move the cuff button.
A small business may need to borrow to invest in themselves just go handle the growth. They might need to hire a bunch of qualified people (rather than close friends) running the show. They may need a larger office and storage spaces - it could be years before they recover or pay back those loans. What if they now have to buy 4x more supplies upfront to produce x number of clothing. Sure they will make their money back in time, or they might not. They forecast how things...
As the company grows, so does its production costs, marketing/advertising costs, web hosting costs, staff numbers and pay grade, larger spaces/warehouses, more labels / shipping supplies, and a million other things. It has nothing to do with the quality of the materials used.
Does anyone use the regular button down? If so, so you dig it?
23.0 simply didn't fit with my PC shirt. Which makes no sense considering a few other shirts fit just fine with 22.5-22.75. I guess the arm hole positioning makes a difference.I think I'm going to stay with the baggy 23.5. Too scared to go 23.25 and end up closer to 23.0 due to variations in shrinkage and such. Maybe I'll just move the button on the larger one and call it a day.
Fit: is this shirt too big in the chest? My chest measures about 42.5 and this was ordered a 23.5 from proper cloth. I'm considering going down to 23.25. 23.00 was far too small and pulled strongly. http://imgur.com/a/EFTSg
Gent's i'm looking for a casual soft collar. I've found that the Ivy to be too large for my smaller neck. My chin crashes into the front all day long and looks a bit strange. The Colorado BD works for my casual shirts. What other soft collars would you guys recommend for a non-button down option? I worry that the Soft Frankly would be way too small and best suited for a small frame. Is there an option slightly bigger than the Soft Franklin without a button? (soft...
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