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I'm far from a decent tailor and slimmed my Barbour Chelsea at the sides easily and it came out perfect.
Condensed all posts. I will now exit the thread. Enjoy guys.
Behaus style and this layout goes back to the days of early watchmaking in Glashutte. Back when Stowa, Kano, GO, Union, Lange, and various other German brands purchased dials from the same factory. This watchmaking town was birth to lots of great brands and schools of thought when it comes to design - aka Behaus. The dial in question comes from that factory's design book and was inspired by the region - and even becoming synonymous with the region. Check out this Kano...
I do not support Rodinas blatant stealing.
Also will it stretch any?
I have 2 pair of Wolverine 1000's. Size 9 in 1000's and size 8.5 in courtlandts. My foot size is 9.5 with a high instep. Both of them fit in all dimensions except for the instep. It seems "very close" to my skin. It doesnt mark or hurt but I cant wear thick socks. Im wondering if anyone was able to fix this problem? or if they moved on to another pair that worked? If so which?
Hi guys. I picked up a flyweight Chelsea from J.Crew And had two questions: 1) How does this differ from the regular Chelsea? 2) When it comes to sizing should I try to account for layering? I was originally looking for a spring/light jacket. Torn between two sizes. large and a medium. I have a 42 inch chest but slim arms. Medium seems to fit perfectly but if I add a thick fleece underneath I feel constricted. Pic of the medium http://i.imgur.com/q4FqsYU.jpg Pic of...
size up
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