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They may be too small in the waist after washing. Maybe you should sell those for a small profit?
Great, thanks man. I purchased the unfused ivy's.
Thanks for the feedback. I was worried that a thinner fabric would hang sloppily. I intend on wearing this with wool/linen/cotton pants, no tie or jacket, in a business casual setting where i'm in management. I wanted to tone down the formality from spread collar and thought this would be a great way to do so.
For Dress shirts worn without a tie/jacket, do you guys recommend fused collars/cuffs? (I'm looking to buy button downs for work.)
Wash and hang 3 times before altering. I learned the hard way.
5"9, in this pic was wearing a very long sweater! enjoy
Hey @ccallis I had 3 questions: 1- I'm about to place a order after the first (remade a few times). The armpit holes (standard size) are still tight. I read that a tailored armpit hole is actually larger than a regular armpithole. Is that correct? 2- If I'm unhappy with a collar style, can I pay to get it swapped out? 3- The big question - None of my shirts measure exactly what the initial spec was. They range between .25-.75 difference. So, for example, I purchased a...
ccallis, in oirder to fix the armpit tightness, the changes made in the last-go-round go against everything you mentioned . We increased the chest/arms, changed armhole to regular, and shoulder to square. I thought it wasn't possible to increase the armhole? I sent an email to support to see what if anything be done to improve the next order. My dry cleaner lost most of my shirts so I had to order a few regardless. If you can check it out please let me know. Order...
Anyone else have trouble with the arm-hole sizing being too small? If so how did you fix it? In my case, neither Tailored or Standard armholes are working out. We kept letting out the chest/arms until it fit but still not 100% comfortable. I have less than .5" of space with my arms at a natural stance. If I'm sitting at a desk (shoulders forward slightly while typing) its 'wraps' my armpit. This shirt would be my 3rd re-try . Subsequent shirts were ordered 'square'...
I'm far from a decent tailor and slimmed my Barbour Chelsea at the sides easily and it came out perfect.
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